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My father was Hallbjörn, nicknamed Halftroll, the son of Ulf the Brave. We lived on the island of Hrafnista, which lies near Raumsdal. He was a powerful man and influential over the farmers north of there.

I grew up to be a big and strong man, and handsome too. But as soon as I was a few winters old, I lazed in the kitchen, seeming a laughing-stock to brave men, and was taken to be such. This was my custom: I lay by the fire, with one hand propping up my head, while I lay the other across my knees and poked the fire. My father told me not to do this, and said that I must improve my behaviour. I said nothing. I went away for some time, and was gone for three nights. Then I came home and had a chair on my back. I had done well. I gave it to my mother and for her greater love I had rewarded her rather than my father.

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