MusicMoz Search Help

You can use the MusicMoz search in a variety of ways. By giving some examples here, we hope to give you a general feel for the type of things you can do.

Finding a Band or Artist

Just type the band name or artist name into the search box, optionally with quotes for added precision. For example:

If we have a category for the band or artist, you should see their category appear in the MusicMoz Category Results section, like so:

MusicMoz Category Results (1 - 1 of 1)

  1. Bands_and_Artists/O/Our_Lady_Peace/

Which band was X in? What did they play?

Just type the person's name into the search box, optionally with quotes for added precision. For example:

If the person is found, not only will you get a link to the band's category to find out more information, you should get details of the band members in the search results, like so:

4. Our Lady Peace
Raine Maida (vocals)
Duncan Coutts (bass)
Jeremy Taggart (drums)
Steve Mazur (guitar)

Past Members:
Mike Turner (guitar)
Jamie Edwards
Chris Eacrett

You can also add a t:members term to your search to restrict the results to just band member results. For example:

Which band released X? Who's covered track X? On what CDs can I find track X? Which concerts?

You should be getting the hang of this by now, yes, just type the name of the song into the search box. For example:

Without any additional modifiers, you'll get anything including the string you specify, concerts, releases, links, and anything else, for example:

To refine your search you can use one of these modifiers:


Which compilations can I find band X on?

Two ways. The way that doesn't illustrate another search possibility is just to go to the band's category, and look at the appearances section.

However, if you're feeling more adventurous, you can go to, select "only in this category" from the drop down menu, and do a search like this:

Woo, I'm getting the hang of this. What other things haven't you told me about? Can you recap?

The following modifiers are available:
ModifierRestricts Search To
t:onlinereleaseOnline Releases
t:review-concertConcert Reviews
t:review-releaseRelease Reviews
t:timelineeventTimeline Events
t:membersBand Members

Example (and search box for you to use):

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