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With their reggae inflections and positive vibrations, road warriors 311 have always been clearly set apart from the angsty rap-rock pack.

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Contributed by: Rolling Stone

Everyone Should Stop Complaining

I wish people would stop whining about this album. Everyone person who's complaining about the track listing should actually look at the title. It's 311-Greatest Hits 93-03, not 311-Best of-93-03. Whoever wrote the review that stated that the band even posted the reason why this is not a greatest hit's album is obviously the only person who gets it. It would be impossible for 311 to gather songs for a Best Of compilation, because almost every 311 is great. Now, that being said, the 17 songs on this album(14 orginal, 1 cover, and 2 new songs) are great and, while they don't nessascarily capture the potential of 311, it offers a fantatic rock album that any true 311 fan, or a fan of rock music in general, can appreciate. So, if you can look past all the complaints you will discover a great album that is well worth it's price tag. Here's to 11 years of 311, and hopefully 11+ years to come. Best Songs=Homebrew, Do You Right, First Straw, All Mixed Up, Love Song, Creatures(For Awhile), Beyond the Gray Sky Damn Good Songs=Down, How Do You Feel, Beautiful Disaster, Flowing, Don't Stay Home, Amber, You Wouldn't Believe, Okay Songs=Come Original, I'll Be Here Awhile, Transisitor

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Greatest Hits '93-'03 - 311

311's unique style and sound are showcased in this CD of their greatest hits since they came around back in the early 90's. With songs off of every album they have come out with since 1992, this compilation offers the best of old school 311 such as Do You Right, Flowing, All Mixed Up, and Home Brew as well as their new stuff off of their latest album Evolver -- Creatures (for a while), Beyond the Gray Sky -- and new songs such as How do you Feel?, First Straw and their The Cure cover, Love Song,. 311 has been around for quite some time now and has continued to surprise their many fans with their style and adaptation of various genres combined. This album just puts it all together and I think it provides them with a huge stepping stone to their future as a band. All in all, this Greatest Hits album is a great buy for the avid 311 fan as well as those who never even heard of the band. I highly recommend it.

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Greatest Hits, NOT Greatest Songs

If you are a die hard 311 fan, there is no point in buying this album. We all know theyre best songs do not become hits because theyre not poppy. This CD however does capture all the great songs that casual 311 listers would enjoy. I still love all the songs to death, but I prefer throwing all the 311 CDs in a disk changer and pressing shuffle. You can run that all day. My only true complaint about the CD is their single "First Straw" I gotta say, it sucks. My friends and I coulda sworn we heard it before, not a cover, just so formulated and poppy. I hope its not a sign of whats to come because I know theyre producer sucks and tried to mellow them out, look what hes doing to Pepper as well.

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Not 311's GREATEST, but their GREATEST HITS

First of all, let me say that I like every 311 song I've ever heard. They don't make any bad songs. Here is a track-by-track analysis of this recording: (1) Down - Their #1 from their self-titled 'blue album', still their most popular song ever. Great way to start off the CD. (2) Flowing - From their 1998 album Soundsystem, this is a great song to jump up and down to live. It is a mystery how they paired the vocal melody with the guitar riffs. Typical of 311's musical genius. (3) All Mixed Up - Another huge hit from their 1995 self-titled CD. Memorize the words to this one and sing along to it, it's really fun. Another song only 311 could write. (4) Amber - A hit from their 2001 album From Chaos. This is a slow beautiful song with powerful emotion behind it. Great drum beat, as in all 311 songs. I love the guitar effects. (5) Come Original - Another one off of Soundsystem, this song has a great message and pretty much summarizes 311. It is a message to all entertainers to 'come original' and quit doing something that's already been done. 311's originality and creativity gives them the authority to say this. (6) Beautiful Disaster - One of my favorite 311 songs, from their 1997 album Transistor. The harmonizing guitar parts, and the transition from beautiful melodies to fierce guitar riffs are just perfect. (7) Creatures (For a While) - This song is the opening track from their most recent release Evolver. This song rocks really hard. (8) Do You Right - From their debut album Music (1993), this is a fun song that is impossible to not like. (9) I'll Be Here Awhile - Another song on From Chaos, this is a very unique song that is unlike any other that 311 has done. Very ska, with a cool bass line. (10) You Wouldn't Believe - Yet another song on From Chaos, this is just a good rock song that is also fun to sing along to. (11) Transistor - The first song on their album by the same name, this song clarifies 311's attitude toward music critics who are always trying to put down 311. Basically, the band could care less what they think. (12) Don't Stay Home - Another track off of their self-titled album, this is another great song to sing along to (if you can keep up with Nick's fast vocals right before the drum solo). (13) Homebrew - Remixed by 311 member Chad Sexton (drummer), this rocker from their 1994 album Grassroots sounds amazing. I hope they remix the whole album like this. (14) Beyond the Grey Sky - One of my top three 311 songs. Awesome guitar solo, very powerful emotions in this song. (15) Love Song - I'm not really a Cure fan, but this cover sounds pretty good. This song was from a movie soundtrack and is not on any of their other albums. (16) How Do You Feel? - A great rap/rock song, this is a new one released only on this CD. I hope this one goes on the radio. (17) First Straw - Another new song, this is a reggaeish song that is very well done. Okay, so is there anything I don't like about this CD? Not really, although I must question why Prisoner and Large in the Margin are not included (both were played on the radio). Also, I thought 311's selection of radio songs from their album From Chaos was odd. You Wouldn't Believe, Amber, and I'll Be Here Awhile, while good songs, are not what I would have picked. I would have picked Sick Tight, Wake Your Mind Up, and for a soft song I would have picked Champagne over Amber. But oh well. If you're a 311 fan you'll buy this for the remix of Homebrew, and for the last three tracks. If you're just getting into 311 you'll buy it for a sampler of what they've done, and then you'll buy all of their albums because I told you to.

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well what can i say...

i love 311. they are truly an original band that just knows what they are doing and its terrific. if you are a 311 fan this is a must own and its one of my favorite cds. i just cant get enough of their unbelievably catcht songs. my favorite ones are come origianl and creatures. awesome cd.

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