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 Dammit! (1 review)1990
 Unity (1 review)1991
 Music (7 reviews, 2 links)1993
 Grassroots (6 reviews, 2 links)1994
 311 (The Blue Album) (4 reviews, 2 links)1995
 Transistor (3 reviews, 3 links)1997
 13Flavor From Past S**T '93-'981998
 Omaha Sessions EP (2 reviews)1998
 Live! (4 reviews, 2 links)1998
 Soundsystem (4 reviews, 2 links)1999
 Flavors - American Singles (3 reviews)2000
 From Chaos (6 reviews, 1 link)2001
 Evolver (8 reviews, 1 link)2003
 Greatest Hits '93-'03 (7 reviews, 2 links)2004
 Don't Tread On Me (2 links)2005


 Downstairs EP1990
 Freak Out & Hydroponic1992
 Freak Out & My Stoney Baby & Hydroponic (1 link)1992
 Feels So Good1993
 My Stoney Baby1993
 Do You Right (1 link)1993
 Homebrew & Grassroots1994
 Homebrew & Nutsymptom1994
 Don't Stay Home1995
 Jackolantern's Weather & Guns (Are for Pussies)1995
 Random & Down & Loco clean versions1995
 8:16 A.M. & Omaha Stylee remixes (1 link)1995
 All Mixed Up1996
 All Mixed Up remixes1996
 My Stoney Baby & Nix Hex & Homebrew1996
 Down (1 link)1996
 Beautiful Disaster (1 link)1997
 Prisoner remixes1997
 Come Original1999
 Large In The Margin2000
 I'll Be Here Awhile2001
 You Wouldn't Believe2001
 Creatures (For A While) (1 review)2003
 Beyond The Gray Sky (1 review)2003
 Love Song (1 review)2004
 First Straw2004
 I'll Be Here Awhile & All Mixed Up remixes2004
 Don't Tread On Me2005
 Live EP2005
 Don't Tread On Me & Little Brother2005
 Speak Easy2005
 Frolic Room2006
 Hey You & I Like the Way2009
 It's Alright2009


 Do You Right1993
 Don't Stay Home1995
 All Mixed Up1996
 Enlarged to Show Detail (2 reviews)1996
 Beautiful Disaster1997
 Come Original1999
 You Wouldn't Believe2001
 I'll Be Here Awhile2001
 Enlarged to Show Detail 2 (5 reviews)2001
 Creatures (For A While)2003
 Love Song2004
 First Straw2004
 311 Day: Live In New Orleans (8 reviews, 1 link)2004
 Don't Tread On Me2005

Online Releases

 All Mixed Up Remixes
 Amber Remixes
 BEP Empire
 Cali Soca
 Crack The Code Remixes
 I'll Be Here Awhile Remixes
 Love Song Remixes
 New Intro with MC?
 Old Funk
 Prisoner Remixes
 Seal The Deal
 Space Funk
 Time Is Precious
 Transistor Remixes
 Uncalm Remixes
 We Do It Like This
 You Wouldn't Believe Remixes


Compilation Albums

 Deep Cuts
 Heck On Wheels, Vol. 21993
 Little On The CD Side, Vol. 8, A1993
 It's A Sunshine Day1993
 Rock Video Monthly [1993.06]1993
 Capricorn Sampler Vol. 1, The1994
 Rawk Tuneup Vol. 5 - Dog Daze of Summer1994
 Rock Video Monthly [1994.10]1994
 Capricorn Fall Sampler1995
 Capricorn Spring Sampler1995
 Copper Mountain Spring Jam Compilation, The1995
 Hits Rock New Sckool, Vol. 2: The Wave1995
 Star Maps 2 Blocks1995
 huH, Vol. 251995
 Hempilation - Freedom Is NORML1995
 Elect To Rock1996
 PGD Summer Sales Convention Sampler #21996
 Go Big1996
 PGD Alternative Video Compilation [1996.09]1996
 Converse All-Star Sampler1997
 Mercury CMJ Sampler1997
 New Music From The Mercury Motel1997
 Over the Edge1997
 Radioactive Chartbusters, Vol. 31997
 Wicked Good Sampler, Vol. 1, A1997
 Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 111997
 Crossing All Over! Vol. 51997
 Triple J Hottest 100, Vol. 41997
 Mercury Music August Sales Sampler1997
 M.O.M., Vol. 2: Music for Our Mother Ocean1997
 Live From 6A: Late Night With Conan O'Brien1997
 MTV's Best of the Buzz Bin, Vol. 21997
 BAM's 21 Golden State Greats1998
 Launch - Exclusively Yours1998
 Snappy Happy Sampler1998
 Vans Warped Tour - Australian Tour CD1998
 PGD Alternative Video Compilation [1998.03]1998
 Music from the X-Games, Vol. 31998
 Ska Trax: New Generation1998
 MTV Rocks1998
 And There's Blood In The Water1998
 Launch Live 19991999
 Nu Music Traxx, Vol. 291999
 Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 71999
 Burning London: The Clash Tribute1999
 Modern Rock Radio [1999.10]1999
 Circuit 31999
 WBCN Naked 20001999
 Modern Rock Radio [1999.12]1999
 Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 102000
 Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 152000
 Planet X, Vol. 12000
 Modern Rock2000
 Mixed Sounds of Rock2000
 Live 101, Vol. 22000
 Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 272001
 Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: A 311 Tribute2001
 Bares Canallas2001
 KROQ 106.7 - 2002 New Music Sampler2002
 Y100 Sonic Sessions Vol. 62002
 Keep It Live2002
 Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 382002
 Nu Music Traxx, Vol. 952002
 Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 532003
 Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 562003
 X Games IX2003
 Committed 2 Rock2004
 Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 592004
 Radioactive Mainstream Rock [2004.03]2004
 Nu Music Traxx, Vol. 1352004
 Buzz, The2004
 Nu Rock Traxx, Vol. 632004
 Radioactive Mainstream Rock [2004.07]2004
 Try This New Music On For Size2005

Soundtrack Albums

 Odd Man Out1995
 National Lampoon's Senior Trip1995
 50 First Dates2004
 Surf's Up2007
 Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay2008

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