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The Copper Mountain Spring Jam Compilation

Cover Art
1 Down 311
2 Ylem Seofon
3 Burnout Son Twice Wilted
4 Photograph The Verve Pipe
5 Disco 2000 Pulp
6 Luminary Crush Space Team Electra
7 Emergency's About To End Possum Dixon
8 Black Steel Tricky
9 In Your Space The Christines
10 Honour Me Salt
11 Heel On The Shovel 16 Horsepower
12 Rock Anthem For The Retarded Teenage Hipster Population Smile
13 Girlfriendly 1000 Mona Lisas
14 Angry Johnny Poe
15 Flowereyed Mistle Thrush
16 Casual Affair Tonic
17 Ill Girl 40th Day
18 Spiderwebs No Doubt
19 Heart Is Saved Iggy Pop
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