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311 Is the best out there

Ok well..I was readin some other reviews and the one in particular said that "they didn't like the behind the scenes footage" well if they were a true fan of the band they would've appreciated it. Personally...I like it better than the first one there is more footage and more Nick Hexum so yeah!!!!! Rock on!!

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Contributed by: Amanda Williams
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A 311 Necessity

Let's face it, if you're a fan, you've probably already ordered the video and decided to read the reviews as an afterthought. It's full of the unexpected, and since I haven't seen a 311 show in 3 years, it gave me a much needed 311 fix. It's 2 hours long, and there's at least a few scenes that could have been left out, but that's what DVD is for. The Milk Challenge: 2 Dozen guys downing a gallon of milk each as fast as possible. I didn't find this entertaining but maybe you will. The band goes to Japan, and watching a Japanese fan that doesn't speak English sing "Come Original" is just amazing. The band describes them as politely obsessed. There's also footage from the old days in Omaha -- Good stuff. Shaq is airlifted in to play a song live with the band. While he may not be the most talented artist, he is still fun to watch. And yes, he crowd surfs. Lots of Videos and Live footage, and some great behind-the-scenes. I had to get this on VHS, but I highly recommend the DVD so you can skip the milk challenge.

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Contributed by: M. Freeman
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Better Than The First, Absolutely Great

I actually bought this dvd before I had a dvd player cause I thought it was limited and a dvd lasts longer. When I finally got a player, I was amazed. This is to watch with friends. This includeds live footage of full songs (unlike the first ETSD with the exception of Visit, 123, and FTBS). It's really a great compilation of various home movies, live footage, behind the scenes & fans. It's a blast to watch when over at a friends house. It includes footage of the rare songs Cali Soca (for a couple seconds), Psycho (featuring Shaq, this song is edited however), Outside (in the studio), I Am Superman (REM Cover), Sweet Child Of Mine (GNR Cover), and a section of old stuff from the Omaha days with songs I never even heard before. You can also see the milk challenge (you'll have to see it), a Japaneese fan singing Come Original, DJ Master Mint (hilarious), some funny guy with really bad teeth with the band, footage about the Anti Racist Action, Fans, each band member, 311 Day 2000, Halloween shows, making the videos, KROQ Weenie Roast 2001, videos for Come Original, Flowing, Transistor, I'll Be Here A While, and more. Also comes with a 6 song cd featuring the Soundsystem outtake Dancehall, and 5 From outtakes: Bomb The Town, We Do It Like This, Will The World, Dreamland & I'll Be Here A While (Acoustic Version). Get this before you get the first Enlarged To Show Detail, the first one is awesome but this puts it to shame. This dvd seems kinda overpriced but its well worth the money. This is a must have for all 311 fans! Note: the bonus cd does not come with a jewel case and insert unless you buy the VHS edition.

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Contributed by: Tom Faix
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ETSD a little blurry

I loved ETSD 1, and don't get me wrong, I like this one also, but it's just not on the same level as the first. The editing is shotty and the cover is poorly designed. I guess aside from technical aspects, this dvd is excellent, but those kind of things just grate on my nerves. The single best part of the dvd? "Do not fistfight the bears. They are very good fighters!"

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Contributed by: "linkinparkx311"
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Even better than ETSD 1

311's "Enlarged To Show Detail 2" is just friggen awesome. It contains so much more than the first one and has a lot more concert footage. The movie this time around is not about them being interviewed as much as the first. This time it's more about their "From Chaos" tour (which I attended and loved) and it contains MANY more hilarious behind-the-scenes home-movies made while touring. Some of the highlights are each band member's personal scene, Japan, 311-Day, and of course the 311 Milk Challenge which is the funniest thing I've seen in a looong time. Some other things that are in the movie are footage from 311's "Hive", Halloween shows, Old School footage from when they first started out, some brief interviews with the band, the summer Weenie-Roast featuring a guest appearance by Shaq to sing the unreleased song "Psycho", and some other awesome things. The DVD contains even more music videos than the first. It has videos for "Transistor", "Prisoner", "Beautiful Disaster", "Come Original", "Flowing", "You Wouldn't Believe", and "I'll Be Here Awhile (Director's Cut). It also contains "Making The Video" episodes for "Flowing" and "You Wouldn't Believe". It also has a trailer for ETSD 1 and comes with a new bonus CD with more unreleased tracks. A must buy for any 311 fan. The movie runs for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. This one too has a parental advisory and is somewhat worse than the first. It contains explicit language, explicit drug content, and some sexual-humor. The milk challenge is also not reccomended for the weak stomachs.

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Contributed by: Jon
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