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Biography: The Biography of Alice Deejay

It's currently Judy, Angel and Mae who are the main characters in Alice Deejay at the moment. Mila, former member, quit this year (2001). She had gone solo and was back in Germany working on a project. Mae has taken Mila's position. Judy is the "face" of Alice Deejay. She's the lady who is the vocalist and who covers all the single and album covers of Alice Deejay.

Judy was a DJ her self before she joined Alice Deejay. She started DJ'ing at the age of 17 and had her first paid gig as a DJ when she was 18. Even though her mother wanted Judy to study and become a surgeon, Judy was determent of doing what she loved. To be a DJ.

She was discovered while she was DJ'ing a party in The Netherlands. Judy believes that through music she can let go of everything and in turn, she wants whoever listens to Alice Deejay to do the same. She has absorbed the fairy-tale energy she felt when she first met the rest of the Alice Deejay on the dance floor at one of her favorite regular parties in Europe and has never looked back.

Judy first hooked up with the rest of the Alice Deejay girls at the Dutch club Roxy in Amsterdam. The music got her in some kind of trance that made Judy feel like Alice In Wonderland. Judy said that they waned a name that could show that they all were DJ's. And combined with her former job, a Club-Jock, the name Alice Deejay was born. They all think they are living in a wonderland because of all the travelling and performing. But because of the huge and sudden success of Alice Deejay, Judy had to quit her own DJ activities due to that she wanted to give Alice Deejay 100% all the time.

It was actually Judy and Mila (former ADJ member) who came up with the Idea to connect their friends from music business, like DJ's and Producers, and put the talents together. "We asked everyone if the liked the idea, and they were very enthusiastic to the whole idea. And so we went to a studio"

Alice Deejay are in fact a collective of DJ's and producers that goes together to make the music. Pronti & Kalmani, two young very talented DJ's has produced the hit singles Better Off Alone (DJ Jurgen), Back In My Life, Will I Ever and Celebrate Our Love. Danski & DJ Delmundo are the main producers behind Alice Deejay. They are also the main producers behind Vengaboys.

Alice Deejay has managed to pick up a lot of rewards along the way.

They won the British Dancestar award for best single, Better Off Alone. In that category, Alice Deejay defeated other nominees like All Saints, Jennifer Lopez, Eiffel 65 and Vengaboys. They also managed to pick up two prizes at the TMF (the music factory) awards. Which is a Dutch and Belgian music TV station that gives out prizes based on viewer support.

At The 2nd Eurovision Song Contest Awards, sang Alice Deejay and Vengaboys "I Turn To You". A song originally sang by Melanie C.

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 Back in My Life
 Better Off Alone
 Celebrate Our Love
 The Lonely One
 Who Needs Guitars Anyway?
 Will I Ever


 Better Off Alone [EP]


Compilation Albums

 Breakdown - The Very Best of Euphoric Dance - Vol. 22000
 Breakdown - The Very Best of Euphoric Dance - Vol. 32001

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