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Biography: Jennifer Deejay

Jennifer is the third born of seven children.
Jennifer was born November 10th 1979 in a small town in Kentucky. She grew up on a farm and tried to learn as much about farming as she could. Jennifer, often called Jenny for short, happens to be very talented in a wide range of musical fields, from Production to editing and playing to writing.

Jennys first love came with her own voice. When she was very young she preformed in church and in many school plays. She also developed a love for the piano. She owes her skill of the piano to herself because no one taught her how to play she learned it all by ear.

Jenny wrote her first full length song when she was only ten years old called Ill be a.k.a. the fish song and Hugs and kisses shortly after. Once Jennifer started Junior high she wanted to be in choir, so the very shy Jenny went to try out and she nailed it with flying colors. She earned many solos during those three years of junior high school and when Jenny was in eighth grade she won best solo performance at the all state district competition.

Once in high school she knew she was going to be in two different music classes, choir and small ensemble. Jenny only attended public school for one year and she won many honors and awards during that year. Jennifer completed her education at home. After school she started writing her own music, she came up with a lot of ideas but nothing seemed to get her off the ground. She began learning all that she could about many different instruments. She picked up on guitar and bass and has became quite skilled at playing and recording live instruments.

Jennifer worked on a project called paranormal but she never completed it. Jennifer completed her first full length album in 1997 called dreamland titled after her love for the music of Robert Miles. Dreamland is very dear to my heart. I spent a lot of time and energy on that record. Jenny says.

The following year She completed her second album red zone Red zone contained fourteen hot techno tracks including scream, kissing the stars and sex in space. After red zone she took a break from producing music to learn more and more live instruments. In the year 2002 Jennifer started working a project called counting the stars this time she recorded using more live instruments and also trying her talent at doing a cover or two waiting for magic, canon, the Halloween theme and raindrops..

She completed the counting the stars album that year and finally she received some feedback for her work. She was very happy with the finished product. Jennifer wasted no time, she began working right away on her next album She completed that album in 2003 the album is titled lap dance lap dance was nearly the same as counting the stars but with extra tracks and many different mixes of the original songs found on counting the stars.

Jennifer took another break and got married and started doing other things with her life but she never stopped writing music. In early 2005 Jenny started working on what she calls her best project to date. She has completed that project and has titled it love everlasting. this time Jennifer is doing her best to get signed onto a label. Jennifer lives in a small town in the country on a very large farm. She has many different animals but she loves her Beagle hounds most of all.

Jennifer leads a very normal down to earth life staying close to her family and taking care of her own family. She plans to have children some day very soon she is hoping for a Boy and is currently planning her pregnancy. Jenny is a very big supporter of PETA and loves Martha Stewart. She never misses Martha’s new TV show she watches every day learning something new all of the time. Jennifer grew up suffering form depression and the illness has lingered with her for the most part of her life. She likes to stay busy and work very hard on her music. Music is her life from sunup to sundown you can bet Jenny is listening or writing music.

Contributed by: Jennifer Barnette
Contributor organisation: Moonray records
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