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Following You

Cover Art

Recorded & remixed at Great Circle Sound Bob Clark: engineer Bob McConnell: art direction Dill Beaty: photos
Formats:Vinyl, Cassette, CD
Genre:Contemporary Christian / Christian Rock / Christian (Vocal)
Producers:Phil Johnson
Guest Musicians:
Shane Keister: keyboards
Randy Goodrum: keyboards
Larrie London: drums
Jerry Carrigan: drums
Jack Williams: bass
Farrell Morris: percussion
Jon Goin: guitar
Steve Gibson: guitar
Reggie Young: guitar
Billy Sanford: guitar
Joe Huffman: guitar
Catalogue Number:2R3515

Side 1

1 Following You (Johnson) 3:30
2 Starting All Over Again (Sheppard) 3:22
3 Story of My Life (Bruce Hibbard) 3:50
4 Give It Up (Sheppard) 3:52
5 You Keep Me Happy (Sherberg) 2:53

Side 2

1 There Aren't Words Enough (Chapman) 4:10
2 Never Ending Love (McGuire/Rambo) 4:45
3 Falling in Love (Voegtlin) 2:49
4 Sweet, Sweet Friendship (Sheppard) 2:25

Side 3

1 Jesus, You're So Wonderful (Fromm) 3:30
2 For So Long (Hibbard) 3:17
3 You're Such a Comfort to Me (Voegtlin) 3:32
4 It Happened (Villareal) 3:30
5 You're So Good to Me (Hibbard) 4:30

Side 4

1 He Must Have Lovin' Eyes (Johnson) 4:35
2 The Rock (Farrell) 2:52
3 All of Me (Hibbard/Hockensmith) 3:54
4 He's Here Right Now (Cook) 3:42
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