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The original line up of Grand Funk Railroad sold over 25 million albums as The American Band with 19 charted singles, eight Top 40 hits and two Number One singles, garnering Mark, Don and Mel 12 gold and 10 platinum records.

A revamped version of the group, without Mark Farner and Craig Frost, still travel across the country doing concerts.




 On Time (1 review)1969
 Closer To Home (1 review)1970
 Grand Funk (1 review)1970
 Live Album (1 review)1970
 E. Pluribus Funk1971
 Mark, Don & Mel1972
 Phoenix (2 reviews)1972
 We're An American Band (1 review)1973
 All The Girls In The World Beware!!!1974
 Monumental Funk1974
 Shinin' On1974
 Born To Die1975
 Caught In The Act1975
 Good Singin' Good Playin'1976
 Grand Funk Lives1981
 What's Funk?1983
 Best Of Grand Funk1990
 Capitol Collectors Series1991
 Heavy Hitters1992
 Bosnia (5 reviews)1997
 30 Years Of Funk (2 reviews)1999
 Classic Masters2002
 Live - The 1971 Tour (4 reviews)2002
 Trunk Of Funk2002


 Are You Ready?/Mark Says Alright
 Closer To Home/Gimme Shelter
 Footstompin' Music/Feelin' Alright/Loneliness
 Footstompin' Music/Rock 'N' Roll Soul
 Gimme Shelter/Shinin' On
 I Don't Have To Sing The Blues/Are You Ready/Closer To Home
 In Need/Please Don't Worry/Call Yourself A Man
 Inside Looking Out/Paranoid
 Sin's A Good Man's Brother/Heartbreaker/Inside Looking Out
 Some Kind Of Wonderful/The Locomotion
 We're An American Band/The Locomotion
 Mr. Limousine Driver/High Falootin' Woman1969
 Time Machine/High On A Horse1969
 Heartbreaker/Mr. Limousine Driver1970
 Heartbreaker/Please Don't Worry1970
 I'm Your Captian/Aimless Lady1970
 Mean Mistreater/Mark Says Alright1970
 Sin's A Good Man's Brother/Nothing Is The Same1970
 Feelin' Alright/I Want Freedom1971
 Gimme Shelter/Country Road1971
 Gimme Shelter/I Can Feel Him In The Morning1971
 I Can Feel Him in the Morning/Are You Ready/Mean Mistreater1971
 Paranoid/Inside Looking Out1971
 People, Let's Stop The War/Save The Land1971
 Footstompin' Music/I Come Tumblin'1972
 Rock 'N Roll Soul/Flight Of The Phoenix1972
 Upsetter/No Lies1972
 Walk Like A Man/The Railroad1973
 We're An American Band/Creepin'1973
 Shinin' On/Mr. Pretty Boy1974
 Some Kind Of Wonderful/Wild1974
 The Loco-Motion/Destitute & Losin'1974
 Bad Time/Good And Evil1975
 Take Me/Genevieve1975
 Can You Do It/19761976
 Sally/Love Is Dyin'1976
 Just Couldn't Wait/Out To Get You1977
 Pass It Around/Don't Let Them Take Your Gun1977
 Stuck In The Middle/No Reason Why1982
 I'm So True/Let It Happen1983


 Weekend Rebellion1970
 Rock Encyclopedia1973
 Hard Rock Heaven1991
 Living Legends of Rock & Roll - Live from Itchypoo Park [Mark Farner]2001

Online Releases

 I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home
 Mean Mistreater Nothing Is The Same


Compilation Albums

 '70s Rock Hits
 18 Screamers From The 70s
 70's & 80's Vol. 24
 70's Greatest Rock Hits Vol. 14: Kings Of Rock
 70's Greatest Rock Hits Vol. 7: Rough & Rowdy
 A Year In Your Life: 1973 Vol. 1
 A Year In Your Life: 1974 Vol. 1
 A Year In Your Life: 1975 Vol. 1
 A Year In Your Life: 1975 Vol. 2
 A Year In Your Life: 1976 Vol. 1
 All Music Guide: Classic Rock
 Baby Boomer Classics: Electric Seventies
 Best Of 70s Supergroups
 Billboard Top Rock & Roll Hits: 1974
 Dick Clark's #1's: 50's To 70's - When AM Radio Was King
 Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 1973
 Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 1974
 Frat Rock: More Of The '70s
 Frat Rock: The '70s Performer
 Funk Spectrum III: Real Funk for Real People
 Godfathers Of Grunge
 Great Jukebox Hits Of The 60's Vol. 3 : On The Road Again
 Greatest Hits Of The 70's Vol. 1
 Greatest Hits Of The 70's Vol. 2
 Guitar Player Presents: Legends Of Guitar: The '70s Vol. 1
 Guitar Rock: Power Rock
 Hard Rockin' 70s
 Harley Davidson Road Songs Vol. 2
 Heavy Metal Memories
 Heavy Metal Performer
 Hot Guitar Licks: Guitar Rock
 Instant Party: More '70s Rock
 Live: The 70s
 My Girl 2
 Party Hard 2000
 Reelin' In The Years Vol. 1
 Reelin' In The Years Vol. 5
 Rock Around The Clock
 Rock Classics Vol. 3
 Rock Of The 70's Vol. 2
 Rock Of The 70's Vol. 5
 Rock On 1975
 Rock On: 1975
 Rock On: 1975-1979
 Rock On: From 1970 To 1979
 Rockin' Patriots
 Sounds Of The Seventies: 1970 - Take Two
 Sounds Of The Seventies: 1974
 Sounds Of The Seventies: 1974 - Take Two
 Sounds Of The Seventies: 1975
 Sounds Of The Seventies: 1975 - Take Two
 Sounds Of The Seventies: Seventies Generation
 Sounds Of The Seventies: Seventies Top Forty
 The Spirit Of '76
 Three Decades Of Rock: 60s 70s & 80s
 Vietnam: Songs From A Divided House
 Vintage Rock Performer
 Summer Of Peace, Love And Music, Vol. 21994
 Summer Of Peace, Love And Music Vol. 22000

Soundtrack Albums

 Heavy Metal1981

Box Sets

 30 Years Of Funk1999
 Trunk Of Funk2002

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