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One of the leading bands during the 60s British Pop invasion. Lead by the Davies brothers, the Kinks were originally known as the Ravens.




 All the Hits and More
 Ballads Collection
 Greatest Hits
 Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
 History of British Pop Music, The - Volume 2
 Then, Now and in Between Album
 Dedicated Kinks1966
 Face to Face1966
 Kinks' Greatest Hits, The1966
 Kinks, The [Compilation]1966
 Something Else by the Kinks1967
 Sunny Afternoon1967
 Live at Kelvin Hall1968
 Village Green Preservation Society, The1968
 Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the1969
 Lola versus the Powerman and the Money-Go-Round1970
 Golden Hour1971
 Muswell Hillbillies1971
 Percy [original soundtrack]1971
 Everybody's in Show-Biz [live]1972
 Kink Kronikles, The1972
 All the Good Times1973
 Golden Hour, Volume 21973
 Great Lost Kinks Album, The1973
 Preservation: Act 11973
 Preservation: Acts 1 and 21973
 History of British Pop Music, The1974
 Preservation: Act 21974
 Kinks Present a Soap Opera, The1975
 The Kinks Present Schoolboys in Disgrace1975
 Kinks [File]1977
 20 Golden Greats1978
 All Day and All of the Night1979
 Low Budget1979
 Kinks Collection1980
 One for the Road [live]1980
 Second Time Around1980
 Give the People What They Want1981
 100 Minutes1982
 Candy from Mr. Dandy1983
 Dead End Street Greatest Hits1983
 State of Confusion1983
 Compleat Collection1984
 Kinks Box Set, The1984
 Word of Mouth1984
 Backtrackin the Definitive Double1985
 Think Visual1986
 Hit Singles Collection1987
 Road [live]1988
 Singles Collection 1964-1970 Kinks-Size/Kinkdom1988
 Best of the Kinks, The1989
 C90 Collector1989
 Compleat Collection: 20th Anniversary Edition1989
 Greatest Hits, Volume 11989
 UK Jive1989
 Kinda Kinks [Essential]1990
 Kinks Live: the Road1990
 Lost and Found [1986-89]1991
 Complete Collection1992
 Best and Kollektable, The1994
 Early Years, The1994
 Kinks-Size Collection1994
 To the Bone1994
 You Really Got Me1994
 You Really Got Me: The Very Best of the Kinks1994
 Lola: Best of the Kinks1995
 Tired of Waiting for You1995
 God Save the Kinks1996
 Kinks Collection, The - Volume 11996
 Kinks Collection, The - Volume 21996
 Remastered 1964-671996
 You Really Got Me/Kinda Kinks1996
 Greatest Hits, Volume 21997
 Singles Collection/The Songs of Ray, The1997
 EP Collection1998
 Greatest Hits1999
 Come Dancing With the Kinks: The Best of the2000
 EP Collection, Volume 22000
 Singles Collection2000
 Story of the Kinks: 24 Greatest Hits2000
 Greatest Hits, Volume 1: 1964-19712001
 Greatest Hits, Volume 2: 1971-19752001
 Greatest Hits, Volume 3: 1977-19842001
 Kinda Kinks2001
 Kink Kontroversy, The2001
 Kinks' Greatest, The: Celluloid Heroes2001
 Kinks, The2001
 Marble Arch Years2001
 Songs We Sang for Auntie, The: BBC Sessions2001
 Well Respected Kinks2001


 Dandy [ep]
 Dedicated Follower of Fashion [ep]
 Drop In [ep]
 En Una Tarde de Sol Sunny Afternoon [ep]
 Long Tall Sally [ep]
 Los Kinks, Volume 10 [ep] Callejon Sin Salida [ep]
 Los Kinks, Volume 9 [ep]
 Mister Pleasant [ep]
 Till the End of the Day [ep]
 Kinksize Hits [ep]1964
 Four by Four [ep]1965
 Kwietkinks [ep]1965
 Kinksize Session [ep]1966
 Well Respected Kinks [Marble Arch - ep]1966
 Shape of Things to Come [10 Inch - ep]1983
 Father Christmas1986
 Did Ya1991
 Come Dancing [Cassette Single]1993
 Lola [live]1993
 Waterloo Sunset1994

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