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James Joseph McGuinn III

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Roger McGuinn began his musical journey in traditional folk music. But after the Beatles invaded in 1964, McGuinn would go on to create a new style of pop music, melding folk guitars with a rock and roll beat through the music of The Byrds. Today, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee has returned to his roots with the release of several traditional folk music albums.




 Tonight In Person [with The Limeliters]1960
 Mighty Day On Campus [with The Chad Mitchell Trio]1961
 At The Bitter End [with The Chad Mitchell Trio]1962
 Our Men In San Francisco [with The Limeliters]1963
 Mr. Tambourine Man [with The Byrds]1965
 Turn! Turn! Turn! [with The Byrds]1965
 Fifth Dimension [with The Byrds]1966
 Greatest Hits [with The Byrds]1967
 Younger Than Yesterday [with The Byrds]1967
 Notorious Byrd Brothers [with The Byrds]1968
 Sweetheart Of The Rodeo [with The Byrds]1968
 Ballad Of Easy Rider [with The Byrds]1969
 Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde [with The Byrds]1969
 Preflyte [with The Byrds]1969
 Untitled [with The Byrds]1970
 Byrdmaniax [with The Byrds]1971
 Farther Along [with The Byrds]1971
 Greatest Hits Vol. II [with The Bryds]1972
 History Of The Byrds [UK]1973
 Roger McGuinn1973
 Peace On You1974
 Roger McGuinn & Band1975
 Cardiff Rose1976
 McGuinn, Clark and Hillman1979
 City [as Roger McGuinn - Chris Hillman featuring Gene Clark]1980
 The Byrds Play Dylan1980
 McGuinn - Hillman1981
 Original Singles 1965-1967 Vol. I [with The Byrds]1981
 Original Singles 1967-1969 Vol. II [UK] [with The Byrds]1982
 The Byrds Collection [UK]1986
 Never Before [with The Byrds]1987
 In The Beginning [with The Byrds]1988
 Back From Rio1990
 Byrds Boxed Set1990
 Born To Rock 'N Roll1991
 Free Flyte [with The Byrds]1991
 Twenty Essential Tracks From The Byrds Boxed Set1991
 Return Flight I [as McGuinn, Clark & Hillman]1992
 Return Flight II [as McGuinn, Clark & Hillman]1993
 Live From Mars (1 review)1996
 Nashville West [with The Byrds]1996
 Chad Mitchell Trio Collection1997
 Very Best Of The Byrds [UK]1997
 Byrd Parts [Aus]1998
 Super Hits [with The Byrds]1998
 McGuinn's Folk Den - Vol. 12000
 McGuinn's Folk Den - Vol. 22000
 McGuinn's Folk Den - Vol. 32000
 McGuinn's Folk Den - Vol. 42000
 Treasures From The Folk Den (4 reviews, 1 link)2001
 Byrd Parts 2 [Aus]2003
 The Essential Byrds2003


 I Trust (Everything Is Gonna Work Out Alright) /
 Beach Ball / Sun Tan Baby [with The City Surfers]1963
 Powder Puff / 50 Miles To Go [with The City Surfers]1963
 Please Let Me Love You / Don't Be Long [with The Beefeaters]1964
 All I Really Want To Do / Feel A Whole Lot Better [with The Byrds]1965
 Mr. Tambourine Man / I Knew I'd Want You [with The Byrds]1965
 Turn! Turn! Turn! / She Don't Care About Time [with The Byrds]1965
 5D (Fifth Dimension) / Captain Soul [with The Byrds]1966
 Eight Miles High / Why [with The Byrds]1966
 Mr. Spaceman / What's Happening? [with The Byrds]1966
 Set You Free This Time / It Won't Be Wrong [with The Byrds]1966
 Goin' Back / Change Is Now [with The Byrds]1967
 Have You Seen Her Face / Don't Make Waves [with The Byrds]1967
 Lady Friend / Don't Make Waves [UK] [with The Byrds]1967
 My Back Pages / Renaissance Fair [with The Byrds]1967
 So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star/ Everybody's Been Burned [with The Byrds]1967
 I Am A Pilgrim / Pretty Boy Floyd [with The Byrds]1968
 You Ain't Going Nowhere / Artificial Energy [with The Byrds]1968
 Bad Night at the Whiskey / Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man [with The Byrds]1969
 Ballad Of Easy Rider / "Oil In My Lamp [with The Byrds]1969
 Ballad Of Easy Rider" / "Wasn't Born To Follow [with The Byrds]1969
 Jesus Is Just Alright / It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [with The Byrds]1969
 Lay Lady Lay / Old Blue [with The Byrds]1969
 Wasn't Born To Follow / Child Of The Universe [with The Byrds]1969
 Chestnut Mare / Just A Season [with The Byrds]1970
 America's Great National Pastime / Farther Along [with The Byrds]1971
 Glory, Glory / Citizen Kane [with The Byrds]1971
 Is This) My Destiny [UK] [with The Byrds]1971
 Cowgirl In The Sand / Long Live The King [with The Byrds]1973
 Draggin' / Time Cube1973
 Full Circle / Long Live The King [with The Byrds]1973
 Things Will Be Better / For Free [UK] [with The Byrds]1973
 Full Circle / Things Will Be Better [UK] [with The Byrds]1974
 Peace On You / Without You1974
 Same Old Sound / Gate Of Horn1974
 Lover Of The Bayou / Easy Does It1975
 Somebody Loves You / Easy Does It1975
 Take Me Away / Friend1976
 American Girl / I'm Not Lonely Anymore1977
 American Girl / Russian Hill [UK]1977
 Bye Bye Baby / Backstage Pass [as McGuinn, Clark & Hillman]1979
 Don't You Write Her Off / Sad Boy [as McGuinn, Clark & Hillman]1979
 Surrender To Me / Bye Bye Baby [UK] [as McGuinn, Clark & Hillman]1979
 Surrender To Me / Little Mama [as McGuinn, Clark & Hillman]1979
 City / Deeper [as McGuinn, Clark & Hillman]1980
 Street Talk / One More Chance [as McGuinn, Clark & Hillman]1980
 Love Me Tonight / King for a Night [as McGuinn & Hillman]1981
 Turn Your Radio On / Making Movies [as McGuinn & Hillman]1981
 You Ain't Going Nowhere [with Chris Hillman]1989


 History Of Rock-N-Roll
 Hullabaloo Vol. 2
 Shindig's Sixties Superstars
 Easy Rider1969
 The 12-string Guitar Of Roger McGuinn1996


Compilation Albums

 Baby Boomer Classics: Electric Sixties
 Baby Boomer Classics: Mellow Sixties
 Baby Boomer Classics: Psychedelic Sixties
 Only Rock'N Roll 1965-1969
 Reelin' In The Years, Volume 2The Five String Story
 The 12-String Story, Volume 11963
 The 12-String Story, Volume 21963
 Early L.A.1970
 Earl Scruggs, His Family & Friends1972
 Nuggets Vol. 9: Acid Rock1985
 CBS Classics: Pop Classics Of The 60's1989
 CBS Classics: Rock Classics Of The 60's1989
 CBS Classics: Rock Classics Of The 70s1989
 Rock Classics Vol 11989
 The Golden Age Of Underground Radio1989
 Will The Circle Be Unbroken [with Chris Hillman]1989
 Legends Of Guitar: Country Vol. 11990
 Legends Of Guitar: Rock The 60's Vol. 11990
 Rock Goes To The Movies 21990
 I Shall Be Unreleased1991
 Acoustic Aid1992
 Rock Of The 70's Vol 21992
 Summer Of Love Vol. 2: Turn On: Mind Expansion1992
 Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration1993
 Monterey International Pop Festival1993
 Monterey International Pop Festival [with The Byrds]1993
 Psychedelic Mind Trip1993
 Adios Amigo: A Tribute To Arthur Alexander1994
 Have A Nice Life: More Great Breakup Songs1994
 Peaceful Easy Feeling1994
 Harley-Davidson: Road Songs1995
 Hillbilly Fever Vol. 5: Legends Of Country Rock1995
 Heroes Of Country Music Vol. 5... Country Rock1996
 Psychedelic Pop: 12 Spaced-Out 60's Classics1997
 Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Songs Of Pete Seeger1998
 Country: The American Tradition1999
 Movie Music: The Definitive Performances1999
 Pop Music: The Golden Era: 1951-19751999
 Rock: The Train Kept A Rollin'1999
 Positively 60's2000
 Forrest Gump2001
 Desperado: The Best Of Country Rock2002

Soundtrack Albums

 Don't Make Waves [with The Byrds]1967
 Candy [with The Byrds]1969
 Easy Rider1969
 Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid1973
 Forrest Gump2001

Box Sets

 Byrds Boxed Set1990
 Monterey International Pop Festival1993
 The Preflyte Sessions2001

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