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Radiohead are a five-piece rock band from Oxford, England. They are one of the most definitive and influencial bands of our time who have redifined rock music with majestic albums like 'The Bends' and 'OK Computer' and progressing onto works of art such as 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac'. Recognised world-wide for their excellence in music by critics and fans alike, Radiohead stand on firm ground and will continue to make beautiful, enjoyable and exciting music for years to come. In Rainbows was released using a ground-breaking concept of allowing a customer to decide for themselves the price they wanted to pay for the album. Their most recent album, "The King of Limbs", went straight to number one in numerous countries around the world.




 Pablo Honey1993
 The Bends (2 reviews)1995
 OK Computer (1 review)1997
 Kid A2000
 Hail To The Thief (1 review)2003
 In Rainbows2007
 The King of Limbs2011


 Drill EP1992
 Anyone Can Play Guitar1993
 Pop Is Dead1993
 Stop Whispering1993
 Itch EP1994
 My Iron Lung1994
 My Iron Lung EP1994
 Fake Plastic Trees1995
 High And Dry/Planet Telex1995
 Live Au Forum EP1995
 Street Spirit (Fade Out)1996
 Karma Police1997
 No Surprises1997
 No Surprises/Running From Demons EP1997
 Paranoid Android1997
 Airbag/How Am I Driving EP1998
 I Might Be Wrong EP - Live Recordings2001
 Knives Out2001
 Pyramid Song2001
 Go To Sleep2003
 There There2003
 Com Lag EP2004


 Radiohead Live At The Astoria, London1994
 Seven Television Commercials1998
 Meeting People Is Easy2000
 The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of all Time DVD2004


Compilation Albums

 2 Meter Sessies, Volume 6
 Altered States
 Beste Uit 10 Jaar 2 Meter Sessies
 Evening Sessions
 Hold On
 KROQ's Almost Christmas
 Launch Issue 15
 Long Live Tibet
 MTV's 120 Minutes Live
 Rock Garden
 Sharks Patrol These Waters 13
 The Best Album In The World Ever
 The Best Of Shark Patrol These Waters 2
 Tibetan Freedom Concert
 Vital Brits
 Vox - Haute Couture
 WBCN's Naked 4-PlayReservoir Rock Volume 2
 What's Up 2
 World Of Noise II
 World Of Noise1993
 Shark Patrol These Waters 71995
 This Is Fort Apache1995
 MTV Buzz Bin1996
 Come Again1997
 Mud For It - Glastonbury '971997
 Shine - The Best Of '971997
 MTV Most Wanted1998
 Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 1 (US)1998

Soundtrack Albums

 Romeo And Juliet1996
 Vanilla Sky2001

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