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Biography: Ruby

Ruby started her career by coincidence as a model when Murielle Romanoff, the Polish singer spotted her in front of the American University in Cairo and found in her the typical Arab beauty he was looking for. He chose her to to do the video clip for his song "Don't make me cry".

Ruby later did TV commercials for several products including Pringles, Sparkle, Alo and others. Then she worked with the famous film director Youssef Chahine in the film "Sekoot Hansawwar" (2001), where she played the role of a romantic wealthy girl, who falls in love with her driver. She also appeared in the light comedy film "Film Thakafy" in a minor school girl role.

Her first single and video clip "Enta Aref Laih" (2003) directed by Sherif Sabry was a hit on most music satellite stations around the Middle East during summer of 2003. Her second single "Leih Beydary Kedah" was also directed by Sabry and became a regional video hit early (2004).

Ruby is attending law school and loves drawing; and worked as a broadcaster for Dream TV while concentrating on her Music career.
Contributed by: Mohamed El-Nadi

Biography: Review: 7 Playing Cards (aka Sabaa warakat kotshina)

Movie Cast: Ruby, Youssef Sherif, Rania Chahine and Mohamed Soliman, Director: Sherif Sabry

Sabaa warakat kotshina (2004) is also known as Sherif Sabry's first movie, who is also it's producer, writter and director. It is said that around 14 hot scenes where censored from this sensual musical film. Many were extremely disappointed with the movie's poor story line. The story is about Ahmed (Youseef Al Sherif) -a young accountant- who inherits a villa from a womanizer uncle.

Ahmed takes his friends and heads to the red sea to work in a hotel where he meets Nour (Ruby) a young girl working as a receptionist in the same hotel and who likes to sing and dance.

Another very attractive young lady, Dina (Rania Chahin) approaches him to help her find a key to a hidden Swiss bank account that contains jewels worth 150 million dollars.

During his trip he is confused about his feeling towards the two lovely ladies.





 Enta Aref Laih2003
 Leih Beydary Kedah2004


 Film Thakafy
 Don't Makke Me Cry, Murielle Romanoff2000
 Sekoot Hansawwar2001
 Enta Aref Laih2003
 Leih Beydary Kedah2004


Soundtrack Albums

 7 Playing Cards2004

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enta arif leh

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