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Cover Art
Production Credits
David Ahlert (Engineer)
Chris Baca (Management)
Richard Benbow (String Arrangements, String Conductor)
Melissa Dragich-Merritt (Publicity)
Martie Kolbl (Project Coordinator)
Brian Mashburn (String Arrangements)
James Murray (Engineer)
Tom Newman (Engineer)
Matt Souther (Engineer)
John Travis (Engineer, Mixing, Producer)
Geoff Walcha (Engineer)
Simon Warner (String Arrangements)
Released:October 9th, 1999
Formats:CD, Cassette
Genre:Ska, Alternative
Label:Epic Records, Starpool
Producers:Save Ferris
Guest Musicians:DJ Swamp (Scratching, turntables), Steve Ewing (Background vocals), Naomi Fairhurst (Viola), Anthony Gonzales (Percussion), Howard Gott (Violin), Ed Jeffries (Cello), Brian Kehew (Keyboards), Jay Lafayette (Background vocals), Roger Manning (Keyboards), Alan Meade (Vocals), Jamie Muhoberac (Keyboards), John Pantle (Toaster), Jim Perkins (Background vocals), John Travis (Background vocals), Laura Williams (Violin)
1 Turn It Up
2 The Only Way To Be
3 I'm Not Cryin' For You
4 Your Friend
5 No Love
6 Angry Situation
7 What You See Is What You Get
8 One More Try
9 Mistaken
10 Holding On
11 Let Me In
12 Modified
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