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There is a remixed version of "Uzun Ince Yoldayim" (On A Long Narrow Road), but it was released to the music video for that track and has not been published on audio.

Tarkan's 2003 musical offering was the first Tarkan album to be pacakaged in an Ecopak.

This album was different from the others in another aspect, too. It is a maxi single or album and is technically somewhere in between an album and a single. This means that there are not as many songs in the release as in a traditional album, but more songs than in a usual single, similar to an EP release. It is commonly seen as a preview to a main album. However, Dudu is generally archived under albums and seen as an album in itself.

Dudu was the first (and so far only one) of it's kind in Turkey to sell over 1,000,000 units.

After a successful collaboration on his Karma album, Tarkan once again collaborated with singer/songwriter Nazan Oncel for this album.

This was Tarkan's first album to come out of his own production company Hitt Music, part of Hitt Productions, but not his first work. He had already released zgrlk Iimizde and Bir Oluruz Yolunda from his own label. The first artist after him to release an album from Hitt Music was Nazan Oncel, with the album "Yan Yana Fotograf ektirelim" (Let's Take Photographs Together).

Also following on from the tradition of Karma, an official website was opened for this album.



Cover Art
Hamit Undas - Concept and String Arrangements for Track 2
Arif Sag (Track 5) - Vocals
Arif Sag - Baglama (Lead, Bass) for Track 5
Erdal Erzincan - Baglama (Arpeggio), Selpe for Track 5
Ertan Tekin - Balaban for Track 5
Erdem Sokmen, Ayhan Gunyil - Classical Guitar
Nurkan Renda - Electric, Bass (Guitar)
Ilyas Tetik - Oud
Mehmet Akatay, Cengiz Ercumer, Arif Sag (Track 5) - Percussion
Gundem Yayli Grubu (String Band) - Strings
Ercan Irmak - Ney
Murat Matthew Erdem (SARI EV), Ulas Agce & Mehmet Sinan Sungar (IMAJ), Gokturk ve Cem Sarvaslar (ARS) - Recording
Murat Matthew Erdem (SARI EV), Baris Buyuk tracks 6 & 9 (SARI EV) - Mixing
Ozgur Buldum, Ozan Colakoglu, Devrim Karaoglu Murat Matthew Erdem - Remixing
Tim Young (Metropolis Studios, London) - Mastering
Sari Ev (Recording & Mix), Imaj, ASM (Uzun Ince Yoldayim & Mix) - Studios
Hasan Huseyin - Photos
Mete Turkmen - Hair Design
Neriman Eroz - Makeup Artist
Gulumser Gurtunca - Costume Coordinator
Mineral - Design
Stil Matbaa - Print
Kalan Muzik - Publishing for Track 5
Released:July 1st, 2003
Genre:Pop / World / Worldbeat
Label:Hitt Music Productions
Distributor:Istanbul Plak
Producers:Tarkan, Egemen Oncel, Ozan Colakoglu
Guest Musicians:Arif Sag
1 Dudu 4:35
2 Bu Şarkılar da Olmasa 4:26
3 Gülümse Kaderine 3:47
4 Sorma Kalbim 4:35
5 Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım 4:57
6 Dudu - Ozan Çolakoğlu Remix 4:51
7 Gülümse Kaderine - Devrim Remix 5:18
8 Bu Şarkılarda Olmasa - Devrim Remix 5:52
9 Dudu - Özgür Buldum Remix 3:54
10 Gülümse Kaderine - Murat Matthew Erdem Remix 4:54


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