Slim Whitman

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Ottis Dewey Whitman Jr.


1924 -


United States




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 A Travelin' Man
 Country Music Hits - Birmingham Jail
 Country Yodel
 Die Son Skijn Weer More
 Hit sounds of Slim Whitman, The
 Million Sellers
 More Country Songs & City Hits
 Onvergetelijke hits
 Paper Roses
 Portrait - Just Call Me Lonesome
 Since Your Gone
 Slim Whitman Country
 Slim Whitman Sings Again
 Slim Whitman Story, The
 Slim Whitman's Best
 Songs of Mountain
 America's Favorite Folk Artist1954
 Slim Whitman Sings and Yodels1954
 Slim Whitman and His Singing Guitar1954
 Folk Music1955
 Slim Whitman Favorites1956
 Slim Whitman and His Singing Guitar vol 21956
 Slim Whitman Sings1957
 Slim Whitman Yodels1958
 Slim Whitman Sings Vol 21959
 First Visit to Britain of Slim Whitman1960
 I'll Walk With God1960
 Million Record Hits1960
 I'll Never Stop Loving You1961
 Just Call Me Lonesome1961
 Once in a Lifetime1961
 Heart Songs & Love Songs1962
 Sings Annie Laurie1962
 Slim Whitman Sings Vol 31962
 Slim Whitman Sings Vol 41962
 I'm A Lonely Wanderer1963
 Irish Songs the Slim Whitman Way1963
 Slim Whitman Yodeling1963
 Voice From the Mountain1963
 All Time Favorites1964
 All-Time Favourites1964
 Country Songs - City Hits1964
 Love Song of the Waterfall1964
 Mountain Songs1964
 Best of Slim Whitman, The [LPs]1965
 Cool Water1965
 Cool Water-Once in a Lifetime1965
 Country Favorites1965
 Country Hits Vol 11965
 Country Hits Vol 21965
 Heart Songs1965
 I'll Sail My Ship Alone1965
 My Best to You1965
 Silver Bells1965
 Song of the Old Waterwheel1965
 South African Tour Hits1965
 Souvenir Album1965
 Sweeter than the Flower1965
 Worlds Greatest Country Singer Tours South Africa, The1965
 Yodels His Favorites1965
 15th Anniversary1966
 A Time for Love1966
 A Travelin' Man1966
 A Travellin' Man1966
 Best of Slim Whitman Vol 1, The1966
 Best of Slim Whitman Vol 2, The1966
 Birmingham Jail1966
 Country Memories1966
 More Than Yesterday1966
 Best of Slim Whitman Vol 3, The1967
 Great Preformances Vol 11967
 Slim Whitman Deluxe1967
 A Lonesome Heart1968
 In Love the Whitman Way1968
 Songs of the Mountain1968
 Unchain Your Heart1968
 A Lonesome Cowboy1969
 Happy Street1969
 Love Songs of Yesterday1969
 Slim Whitman1969
 Slim Whitman Christmas Album, The1969
 Straight from the Heart1969
 Ramblim' Rose1970
 This is Mountain Yodal1970
 Tomorrow Never Comes1970
 Country Side of Slim Whitman1971
 Guess Who1971
 It's a Sin to tell a Lie1971
 Birmingham Jail and other Country Favorites1972
 Ghost Riders in the Sky1972
 Slim Whitman Collection, The1972
 25th Anniversary Concert1973
 Country Magic1973
 I'll See You When1973
 Red River Valley1973
 Double Collection1974
 Golden Songbook1974
 Happy Anniversary1974
 Very Best of Slim Whitman, The1974
 Everything Leads back to You1975
 20 Superb Tracks1976
 Home on the Range1977
 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen1978
 All My Best1979
 40 All Time Greats1980
 Christmas with Slim Whitman1980
 Just For You1980
 Slim Whitman Collection1980
 Songs I Love to Sing1980
 Till We Meet Again1980
 All Kinds of Everything1981
 I'll Be Home for Christmas1981
 Mr Songman1981
 Slim Whitman Vol 11981
 Slim Whitman Vol 21981
 Best, The1982
 Country Classics1982
 I Love You Because1982
 Rose Marie and Other Love Songs1982
 Thinking of You1982
 Golden Country Hits1983
 Greatest Hits1984
 One of a Kind1984
 Sweet Mystery of Life1984
 At The Country Store1985
 A Dream Come True1987
 Best of Slim Whitman, The1987
 Country Christmas with Slim Whitman, A1987
 Magic Moments1988
 Slim Whitman Songbook1988
 Songs of Nostalgia1988
 Country Style1988
 Best Loved Favorites1989
 Collection, The1989
 Whitman Yodel, The1989
 20 Great Songs1990
 All-Time Greatest Hits1990
 Una Paloma Blabce - The Best of Slim Whitman1990
 20 Golden Greats1991
 20 Precious Memories1991
 Best Loved Favourites1991
 20 Greatest Love Songs1992
 Songs of Insperation Vol 11992
 Songs of Insperation Vol 21992
 Whispering Hope1992
 36 All Time Greatest Hits1993
 50 Original Tracks1993
 God's Hand in Mine1993
 How Great Thou Art1993
 Precious Memories1993
 Love Songs1994
 Under His Wings1994
 Portrait of the Artist - 22 Legendary Hits1995
 Songs You Love to Hear Him Sing1995
 Best Loved Favourites Vol 11996
 Rose Marie 1949-1959 [Boxed Set]1996
 16 Greatest Love Songs1997
 The Very Best of Slim Whitman - 50th Anniversary Collection1997
 Vintage Collection1997
 Whispering Hope - Precious Memories1997
 Legendary Slim Whitman - Traditional Country, The1998
 Legendary Slim Whitman, The1998
 Tennesse Waltz1999
 Pure Country2000
 Yodeling-country Songs / City Hits2001
 You Are My Sunshine2001
 20 Greatest Hits2002
 A Closer Walk with Thee2002
 Greatest, The2002
 I'm a Lonely Wanderer [Boxed set]2002
 Indian Love Call2002
 Only Place to Be, The2002
 In The Sunset2003
 Country Memories - Cool Water2004
 Irish Songs the Whitman Way - Reminiscing2004
 Man with the singing Guitar Vol 1, The2004
 Travelin' Man/Time for Love2004
 Absolutely the Best of Slim Whitman2005
 Beyond the Sunset2005
 Man with the Singing Guitar Vol 2, The2005
 Rose Marie2005


 At The End Of Nowhere, / By the Waters of Minnetonka
 Bandera Waltz, / Secret Love
 Beautiful, Beautiful Blue Eyes / The Twelfth of Never
 Best of Slim Whitman, The [EP]
 Birmingham Jail [EP]
 Blue Bayou, / Blue Memories
 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, / That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
 Broken Wings [EP]
 Casting My Lasso Towards the Sky [EP]
 Cattle Call [EP]
 Chime Bells [EP]
 China Doll [EP]
 China Doll, / Song of the Old Waterwheel
 Cool Water [EP]
 Country & Western Songs By Slim Whitman [EP]
 Curtain of Tears, / Smoke Signals
 End Of The World,The, / The Letter Edged in Black
 Flowers of love [EP]
 Ghost Riders in the Sky, / Carolina Moon
 Gone [EP]
 Gonna Find Me a Bluebird, / Chime Bells
 Got The All Overs For You (All Over Me), / I'll See You When
 Happy Street [EP]
 Home on the Range, / I'm So Lonesome
 Honeymoon Feeling, / Foolish Question
 How Could I Not Love You, / Rainbows are Back in Style
 I Climbed The Mountain, / Jerry
 I Hate To See You Cry, / Cattle Call
 I Pretend, / Shutters and Boards
 I Talk to the Waves, / Serenade
 I Walk With God, / Sunrise
 I'll Never Pass This Way Again, / Down in the Valley
 I'll Walk With God [EP]
 I'm A Fool, / My Heart is Broken in Three
 I'm Beginning to Love You, / Everything Leads Back to You
 I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky, / Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
 In the Misty Moonlight, / Golondrina
 Indian Love Call [EP]
 Indian Love Call, / Gone
 Irish Songs the Slim Whitman Way [EP]
 It Keeps Right on a Hurtin' [EP]
 It Keeps Right on a Hurtin', / I'll Hold You in My Heart
 Japan Releases
 Lets Go to Church [Next Sunday Morning], / Tears Can Never Drown The Flame [Thats in My Heart]
 Londonderry Air [EP]
 Lonesome Heart, A [EP]
 Love Song Of The Waterfall [EP]
 Love Song Of The Waterfall, / Virginia
 Loveliest Night of the Year, / Near You
 Making Believe, / It's All in the Game
 Maria Elena [EP]
 Mexicali Rose [EP]
 Million Record Hits [EP]
 My Heart Is Broken In Three, / Darlin' Don't Cry
 No Other Arms No Other Lips, / I'll Hold You in My Heart
 Please Paint a Rose on the Garden Wall, / Wabash Waltz
 Prisoners Song, / A Fool Such as I
 Remember Me, / Virgina
 Riding the Range For Jesus, / Stairway to Heaven
 Rose Marie, / I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
 Satisfied Mind, A [EP]
 Singing Hills [EP]
 Slim Whitman Christmas Album, The [EP]
 Slim Whitman Sings More Irish Songs [EP]
 Slim Whitman Sings Vol 1 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Sings Vol 2 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Sings Vol 3 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Sings Vol 4 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Story, The
 Slim Whitman Vol 1 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Vol 2 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Vol 3 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Vol 4 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Vol 5 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Vol 6 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Vol 7 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Vol 8 [EP]
 Slim Whitman Vol 9 [EP]
 Smoke Signals, / For Ever and Ever
 Snow Bird [EP]
 Somewhere My Love, / Una Paloma Blanca
 Song Of The Old Waterwheel, / All That I'm Asking is Sympathy
 Sunrise [EP]
 Sunrise, / I'll Walk With God
 Tears Can Never Drown The Flame, / Lets Go to Church
 Tell Me Pretty Words, / Only You and You Alone
 There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop [EP]
 Una Paloma Blanca, / Somewhere My Love
 Wabash Waltz, / Please Paint a Rose on the Garden Wall
 When You Were Sweet Sixteen, / How Could I Not Love You
 Would You String Along With Me, / Over The Hill
 Way Down In Florida That's The Only Place To Be1948
 Birmingham Jail, / Wabash Waltz1949
 I'll Never Pass This Way Again, / Birmingham Jail1949
 I'll Never Pass This Way Again, / Paint a Rose on the Garden Wall1949
 I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky, / I'll Do as Much for You Someday1949
 I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky, / There's a Rainbow in Every Teardrop1949
 Paint A Rose On The Garden Wall, / Tears Can Never Drown the Flame (That's in My Heart)1949
 Slim Whitman Sings and Yodels [EP]1949
 Wabash Waltz, / I'm Crying for You1949
 Paint A Rose On The Garden Wall, / Birmingham Jail1950
 Tears Can Never Drown The Flame (That's In My Heart), / I'm Casting My Lasso Towards the Sky1950
 There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop, / I'm Casting My Lasso Towards the Sky1950
 There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop, / Let's go to Church (Next Sunday Morning)1950
 Bandera Waltz, / End of the World1951
 Bandera Waltz, / My Love is Growing Stale1951
 End Of The World, / Bandera Waltz1951
 Love Song Of The Waterfall, / My Love is Growing Stale1951
 My Love Is Growing Stale, / Love Song of the Waterfall1951
 An Amateur In Love, / By the Waters of the Minnetonka1952
 By The Waters Of The Minnetonka, / An Amateur in Love1952
 China Doll, / Indiana Love Call1952
 Cold Empty Arms, / In a Hundred Years or More1952
 Cold Empty Arms, / My Heart is Broken in Three1952
 How Can I Tell, / There's a Love Knot in My Lariat1952
 Keep It A Secret, / My Heart is Broken in Three1952
 My Heart Is Broken In Three, / Keep it a Secret1952
 All That I'm Asking Is Sympathy, / How Can I Tell1953
 Danny Boy, / There's a Rainbow in Every Teardrop1953
 How Can I Tell, / Love Song of the Waterfall1953
 Indian Love call, / Secret Love1953
 Lord Help Me Be As Thou, / Starway to Heaven1953
 Love Song Of The Waterfall, / How Can I Tell1953
 My Heart Is Broken In Three, / Cold Empty Arms1953
 North Wind, / Darlin' Don't Cry1953
 Restless Heart, / Song of the Old Waterwheel1953
 Song Of The Old Waterwheel, / China Doll1953
 Song Of The Old Waterwheel, / Restless Heart1953
 Stairway To Heaven, / Lord Help Me Be as Thou1953
 Why, / Secret Love1953
 Beautiful Dreamer, / Ride Away1954
 Danny Boy, / Haunted Hungry Heart1954
 Haunted Hungry Heart, / Roll on Silvery Moon1954
 I Hate To See You Cry, / Singing Hills1954
 Indian Love call, / Rose Marie1954
 My Love Is Growing Stale, / Bandera Waltz1954
 Ride Away (With A Song In Your Heart), / Beautiful Dreamer1954
 Roll On Silvery Moon, / Haunted Hungry Heart1954
 Rose Marie, / We Stood at the Alter1954
 Secret Love, / Why1954
 Singing Hills, / I Hate to See You Cry1954
 When I Grow Too Old To Dream, / Cattle Call1954
 America's Favorite Folk Artist [EP]1955
 Cattle Call, / When I Grow too Old to Dream1955
 I'll Never Stop Loving You, / I'll Never Take You Back Again1955
 I'll Never Take You Back Again, / I'll Never Stop Loving You1955
 Slim Whitman Singing [EP]1955
 Slim Whitman and His Singing Guitar [EP]1955
 Song of the Wild, / You Have My Heart1955
 Songs By Slim Whitman [EP]1955
 Tell Me, / Tumbling Tumbleweeds1955
 There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop, / Danny Boy1955
 Tumbling Tumbleweeds, / Tell Me1955
 You Have My Heart, / Song of the Wild1955
 Dear Mary, / The Whiffenpoof Song1956
 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen, / Careless Love1956
 I'm A Fool, / Serenade1956
 I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky, / There's a Love Knot in My Lariat1956
 My Heart Is Broken In Three, / I'm a Fool1956
 Serenade, / I Talk to the Waves1956
 Slim Whitman [EP]1956
 Slim Whitman and His Singing Guitar Vol 2 Pt 1 [EP]1956
 Smoke Signals, / Curtain of Tears1956
 Song Of The Wild [EP]1956
 Whiffenpoof Song, The, / Dear Mary1956
 An Amateur In Love, / Since You've Gone1957
 Candy Kisses, / Tormented1957
 Forever, / Lovesick Blues1957
 Gone, / An Amateur in Love1957
 Hawaiian Cowboy, / Once in a Lifetime1957
 Hush-A-Bye, / Unchain My Heart1957
 I Must Have Been Blind, / Careless Love1957
 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen, / Love Sick Blues1957
 Lovesick Blues, / Foreever1957
 Lovesick Blues, /I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen1957
 Serenade, / I'm a Fool1957
 Slim Whitman and His Singing Guitar Vol 2 Pt 2 [EP]1957
 Tormented, / Candy Kisses1957
 Unchain My Heart, / Hush-A-Bye1957
 You've Got Warm, Warm Lips (But a Cold, Cold Heart), / Many Times1957
 At The End Of Nowhere, /Wherever You Are1958
 Careless Hands, / A Very Precious Love1958
 I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky, / Twilla Lee1958
 Letter Edged In Black, The1958
 Letter Edged In Black, The, / I Never See Maggie Alone1958
 Put Your Trust In Me, /When It's Spring Time in the Rockies1958
 Slim Whitman and His Singing Guitar Vol 2 Pt 3 [EP]1958
 Very Precious Love, A, / Careless Hands1958
 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, / I'm Casting My Lasso Towards the Sky1959
 Candy Kisses, / I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen1959
 Cryin' For The Moon, / The First one to Find the Rainbow1959
 First One To Find The Rainbow, The, / Cryin' for the Moon1959
 Fool Such As I, A, / Prisoner's Song1959
 I Never See Maggie Alone, / River of Tears1959
 I Never See Maggie Alone, / The Letter Edged in Black1959
 I'll Walk With God, / Sunrise1959
 Indian Love Call, / Haunted Hungry Heart1959
 Roll River Roll, / Twilla Lee1959
 Slim Whitman Sings [EP]1959
 Tree In The Meadow, A, / What Kind of God1959
 Twilla Lee, / Roll River Roll1959
 What Kind Of God [Do You Think You Are], / A Tree in the Meadow1959
 Blues Stay Away From Me, / You Have My Heart1960
 Can't Help Falling in Love With You, / My Melody of Love1960
 Darlin' Don't Cry, / North Wind1960
 I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know [About Her], / Backwards Turn Backwards (O' Time in Your Flight)1960
 It's Your Day Today, / Cara Mia1960
 Keeper Of The Key, The, / Broken Wings1960
 Mansion On The Hill, / Reminiscing1960
 Many Times, / You've Got Warm Warm Lips (But a Cold Cold Heart1960
 My Heart Is In The Roses, / Happy Street1960
 North Wind, / I'm a Fool1960
 Rose Marie, / Poor Little Angeline1960
 Slim Whitman Sings 2 [EP]1960
 So Close To Home, / Hold Me1960
 That's Enough For Me, / It's a Sin to Tell a Lie1960
 Wherever You Are, / At the End of Nowhere1960
 Bells That Broke My Heart, The, / I'd Climb the Highest Mountain1961
 I'd Climb The Highest Mountain, / The Bells That Broke My Heart1961
 It Sure Looks Lonesome Outside, / Yesterday's Love1961
 Just Call Me Lonesome, / Remember Me1961
 Lonesome Heart, A, / Wind1961
 Mexicali Rose, / The Old Spinning wheel1961
 Old Spinning Wheel, The, / In a Hundred Years or More1961
 Once In A Lifetime, / When I Call on You1961
 Ramona, / Via Con Dios1961
 Remember Me [I'm The Who Loves You], / Just Call Me Lonesome1961
 There's A Love Knot In My Lariat, / I'll Never Stop Loving You1961
 Valley Of Tears, / Annie Laurie1961
 Vaya Con Dios, / Ramona1961
 Wayward Wind, The [EP]1961
 When I Call On You, / Once in a Lifetime1961
 Wind, / A Lonesome Heart1961
 Annie Laurie, / Valley of Tears1962
 Backward Turn Backward, / I Forgot More (Than You'll Ever Know About Her)1962
 Chime Bells, / Gonna Find Me a Bluebird1962
 Love Letters In The Sand, / You're the Only One1962
 Twilla Lee, / A Lonesome Heart1962
 Wayward Wind, The, / Straight From Heaven1962
 What'll I Do, / So Long Mary1962
 You Have My Heart, / Blues Stay Away From Me1962
 Broken Down Merry-Go-Round, / Never1963
 Maria Elena, / Gortnamona1963
 My Wild Irish Rose, / Chime Bells1963
 So Long Mary, / What'll I Do1963
 Voice from the Mountains [EP]1963
 Cool Water, / Down in the Valley1964
 I'll Hold You In My Heart, / No Other Arms No Other Lips1964
 Only You And You Alone, / Tell Me Pretty Words1964
 Virginia, / Lovesong of the Waterfall1964
 Fluisterende Hoop, / Die Son Skyn Weer More1965
 Indian Love Call, / China Doll1965
 Indian Love call, / Since Youre Gone1965
 More Than Yesterday, / Broken Down Merry-Go-Round1965
 More Than Yesterday, / La Golondrina1965
 Reminiscing, / Mansion on the Hill1965
 Reminiscing, / The Twelfth of never1965
 Rose Marie, / Secret Love1965
 Snow Bird, / I'll Step Down1965
 Tennessee Yodel Polka, / Nobody's Darling But Mine1965
 That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine, / Singing Hills1965
 Yesterday's Love, / It Sure Looks Lomesome Outside1965
 I Remember You, / Travelin' Man1966
 One Dream, / Jerry1966
 Twelfth Of Never, The, / Straight From Heaven1966
 What's This World A Comin' To, / You Bring Out the Best in Me1966
 Broken Wings, / Keeper of the Key1967
 I'm A Fool, / North Wind1967
 North Wind, / Molly Darlin'1967
 Happy Street,/ My Heart is in the Roses1968
 Livin' On Lovin' [And Lovin' Livin' With You], / Heaven Says Hello1968
 Rainbows Are Back In Style, / How Could I Not Love You1968
 Snow Bird, / How Could I Not Love You1968
 Irresistible, / Flower of Love1969
 Little Arrows, / My Special Angel1969
 Love Song Of The Waterfall, / When You Were Sweet Sixteen1969
 My Happiness,/ Promises1969
 My Happiness,/ Rose Marie1969
 Stranger on the Shore, / Star of Hope1969
 When You Were Sweet Sixteen, / Love Song of the Waterfall1969
 Guess Who, / From Heaven to Heartache1970
 My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own, / How Could I Not Love You1970
 Shutters And Boards, / I Pretend1970
 Tomorrow Never Comes, / Come Take My Hand1970
 An Angel in an Apron, / Everything Leads Back to You1971
 Foolish Question, / Honeymoon Feeling1971
 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie, / That's Enough for Me1971
 Something Beautiful To Remember, / Jerry1971
 What I Had With You, / Happy Anniversary1971
 It's No Sin, / It Takes a Lot of Tenderness1972
 It's No Sin, / It's No Sin1972
 Little Drops Of Silver, / Tammy1972
 Near You, / Loveliest Night of the Year1972
 Near You, / Near You1972
 Tammy, / Little Drops of Silver1972
 Foolish Question, / Foolish Question1973
 Hold Me, / So Close to Home1973
 Rose Marie, / Indian Love Call1973
 Rose Marie, / Indian Love Call, / It's a Sin to Tell a Lie1973
 Where The Lilacs Grow, / Where The Lilacs Grow1973
 Happy Anniversary, / Happy Anniversary1974
 Happy Anniversary, / What I Had with You1974
 It's All In The Game, / Making Believe1974
 Where The Lilacs Grow, / Something Beautiful to Remember1974
 As You Take A Walk Through My Mind, / As You Take A Walk Through My Mind1975
 Everything Leads Back To You, / Angel in an Apron1975
 Everything Leads Back To You, / Everything Leads Back To You1975
 Everything Leads Back To You, / I'm Beginning to Love You1975
 Foolish Question, / The Most Beautiful Girl in the World1975
 Mexicali Rose, / I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen1975
 Mr Ting-A-Ling [Steel Guitar Man], / Silver Spurs1975
 Secret Love, / Rose Marie1975
 Cara Mia, / It's Your Day Today1976
 Red River Valley, / Red River Valley1977
 Red River Valley, / Somewhere My Love1977
 Puff the Magic Dragon, / Tears Stained My Pillow1978
 I Remember You, / I Remember You1980
 I Remember You, / Where Do I Go From Here1980
 That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine, / If I Could Only Dream1980
 That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine, / That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine1980
 What's it all About (Interview)1980
 When, / Since You Went Away1980
 Where Is The Christ In Christmas, / Sleep My Child (All Through the Night)1980
 I Can't Help Falling in Love With You, / I Can't Help Falling in Love With You1981
 I Can't Help Falling in Love With You, / Oh My Darling' I Love You1981
 If I Had My Life To Live Over, / Flowers1981
 What's it All About1981
 When, / Till We Meet Again1981
 I Can't Help Falling in Love With You, / Open UP Your Heart1982
 My Melody Of Love, / Open Up Your Heart1982
 Blue Memories, / Baby Heart1984
 Cry Baby Heart, / Cry Baby Heart1984
 Four Walls, / Four Walls1984
 Four Walls, / Tryin' to Outrun the Wind1984
 Happy Anniversary, / I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen1987
 Happy Anniversary, / Indian Love Call1987


 The Midnight Special [TV-Series 1972-1983]1972


Compilation Albums

 4 Star Country
 Country - Let's Go!!!
 Country Love
 Great Records Of The Decade - 50's Hits Country, Vol. 1
 London Toppers
 Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
 TIMA - Living Legends
 TIMA - TIMA 2000
 Todays Hits
 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
 Country Bound1981
 History Of Country Music1981
 Positive Country Volume 231995
 TIMA - The Legend Continues1995
 Yules Of Yore1995
 Gospel Music for the world Volume 101996
 Classic Country - Honky Tonkin' - 1952-19571999
 Treasury Of The West, Vol. 11999
 EMI Legends Of Rock n Roll - 24 Greatest Hits Of All Time1999
 Heroes of Country Music, Vol. 3 - Legends of NashvilleFavourite Fifties - Original Recordings2001
 Country Love Songs2002
 Legends Of Country - 27 All Time Favourite Country Hits2002
 Songs For Mother2002
 Yodeling Mad! - The Best Of Country Yodel, Vol 12002
 Heartland Christmas2002
 Country Crooners2003
 Heart Full Of Country2003
 Contemporary Christian Hits - A Collage2003
 Melody Lingers On, The2005

Soundtrack Albums

 The Pretenders
 Who'll Stop The Rain
 Mars Attacks!1997
 House Of 1000 Corpses2003

Box Sets

 America's Favorite Folk Artist
 Slim Whitman Story, The
 Rose Marie 1949-19591996
 I'm A Lonely Wanderer2002

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