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Olympic Record

Cover Art
Mixed by: David Hemmings, David Nicholas, and Tony Espie.
Mastered by: Don Bartley, and Leon Zervos.
Illustrations by: Reg Mombassa.
Photography by: Andrzej Liguz, and Jill Greenberg.
Label:WEA International
Guest Musicians:Jack Jones (guitar, vocals); D.C. (guitar); Sam Dixon (bass); Jon Farriss (drums); John Forbes (bass); Natalie Gillespie (vocals); Zeus B Held (keyboards); Rob Hirst (acoustic guitar, backing vocals, omnichord); Shauna Jenson (backing vocals); Alan Murphy (shaker); Brad Shepherd (guitar); Mark Williams (bass); Reg Mombassa (guitar); Kochie Banton (vocals); Rozz Morehead - Vocals); Glad Reed (synthesizer, piano, trombone, backing vocals); Sandy Williams (vocals); Michael Szumowski (piano, keyboards); Bruce Reid (guitar); Rob Woolf (piano, Hammond organ, wurlitzer); Geoff Wells (guitar); Nicole Zaray (vocals); Mark Lizotte (guitar); Frank Yamma (guitar, percussion, vocals); Michel Rose (viola); Jim Hilbun (bass guitar); Jimmy Little (vocals); Anthony Kable (trombone); Barbara Griffin (keyboards); Richard Grossman (bass); Katie Allen (saxophone, vocals); Andy Bickers (saxophone); Claire Brassil (cello); Neil Brookes (guitar); David Claringbold (guitar, backing vocals); Kelly Elasi (vocals); Celeste Ferraris (vocals); Jane Flemming (vocals); Andrew Gibbs (guitar, keyboards); Paul Greene (harmonica, backing vocals); Nick Guggisberg (percussion, drums); Grant Hackett (drums); Peter Hadfield (guitar, vocals); Amber Karpany (backing vocals); Stewart Kirwan (trumpet); Michael Klim (vocals); Yvick Miossec (guitar); Lee Moloney (drums); Nadine Neumann (vocals); Peter Northcoate (guitar); Susie O'Neill (vocals); Naomi Radom (violin); Mel Roche (vocals); Veronique Serret (violin); Jon Stevens (vocals); Ian Thorpe (vocals); Rick Timperi (vocals).
Catalogue Number:82777
1 The Gods Will Lift You Vika and Linda, Jimmy Little and Deborah Conway
2 Rise Marcia Hines
3 Wings on the Water Martin Plaza
4 Shine on Me Mark Lizotte
5 Sydney from a 747 Merril Bainbridge
6 Duende Daryl Braithwaite
7 Desert Paradise Shanley Del
8 Ka Wampakuyani Wangkani (Everybody's Talking) Frank Yamma
9 Pure Inspiration Wendy Matthews
10 Where I Come From Jack Jones
11 Carry the Flame Jon Stevens
12 You're Here (Set, Ready, Go) Paul Greene
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