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United States of Punk

Cover Art
Released:October 17th, 1998
Genre:Rock, Punk
Studio/Live?:Studio and Live
Label:Music Club
Catalogue Number:50077
1 Personality Crisis (live) New York Days
2 Faster and Louder Dictators
3 Judy Is a Punk Ramones
4 The Kid With the Replaceable Head Hell, Richard & The Voidoids
5 Chinese Rocks Thunders, Johnny & The Heartbreakers
6 Rocket U.S.A. Suicide
7 Mongoloid Devo
8 Sonic Reducer Dead Boys
9 Might He I.D. Dmz
10 Do the Boob Real Kids
11 Solitary Confinement Weirdos
12 Wimp Zeros
13 Holiday in Cambodia Dead Kennedys
14 Ha Ha Ha Flipper
15 Halloween Misfits
16 Pay to Cum Bad Brains
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