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By trade I am a programmer. My second great love is robotics. When I am not editing for the MusicMoz I am an ODP editor for Computers/Robotics/Robots, and an Open Site Project editor for the Astronomy category. My latest fascination is with the Pleo dinosaur. This is the next brainstorm from Caleb Chung, the inventor that created the smash hit interactive toy called the Furby. Pleo is modeled after a one-week old Camarasaurus baby dinosaur whose personality changes over time in response to how you play with it. Although the Pleo robot is indeed a robot, it's movements are so realistic a new term has been coined for it, "artificial life form". If you get a chance, check out my upcoming portal for the Pleo Dinosaur where you can get the latest information on where to buy a Pleo too. Another really interesting robot is the 6.5 inch tall i-SOBOT humanoid robot; the world's smallest consumer toy robot. It's hilarious and has as wide a range of movement as the vastly more expensive Robo-one robots. I'll make a video of it soon. I just ordered myself a Spykee robot. It's a remote controlled, self-recharging, robot that can guard and spy on your on home, and apparently will ship with open source software to control him. I'm getting pretty good at videos and I even wrote page for people on how to do a good camcorder test; so they don't make the same amateur mistakes I make. I also have found the kitchen appliance I am likely to fall in love with. It's not out yet at this time in 2007, but an upcoming version of the Samsung refrigerator will be able to tell you when you are getting low on certain foods, what to pick up at the store, and what you need to make a particular recipe! At the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show a couple of the new bots from WowWee caught my eye. The first robot was the Rovio security robot, a $300 spy robot that acts as a security bot. With its included user software, it is easy to set up patrol routes that the Rovio will follow to predetermined spots or waypoints in your home. Rovio stream video and audio to you anywhere in the world that you have a Web connection. The second robot is called the Flytech Bladestar, the aerial successor to last year's award winning FlyTech Dragonfly. It's a flying with advanced sensors which give it the ability to avoid obstacles all by itself, so it can fly on autopilot. A funny note belongs to Robosapien V1's girlfriend, the dancing robot Femisapien, WowWee's first "female" robot. If you're tired of carrying a ton of remote controls, you should know that theWowWee Roboremote that can control all of their robots by itself. Elmo Live, coming from Fisher Price around October of 2008, is the latest potential hit toy robot in the Sesame Street toy line.. He dances and sings and can even tell stories. To see this page in other languages please use Google Translate.