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Biography: The Editor's Take

Born in Omaha, NE, SA attended Bryan High School with future 311 bassist P-Nut. Known for his high energy live performance, Douglas "SA" Martinez provides a good balance to his often stiff vocal partner by being in constant motion on stage.

SA first began making guest appearances with 311 in 1990, rapping and providing harmonic vocals. Yet he did not become an official member of the band until the release of "Hydroponic" in 1992, 311's last independent album before being signed to Capricorn Records.

His first use of the turntables came in 1994, with the release of Grassroots, and SA can be seen "scratching" on some songs at live shows.

Available on the official 311 website are some interesting short stories written by Martinez.

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Biography: Count SA

"Spooky Apparition" is what SA stands for. SA uses many allusions to alien life and galactic imagery, which explains why his lyrics often sound like they were written by an alien. SA is an excellent writer and poet. Over the years, he has given a large dose of Sample-Effects to many of the band's old songs, which gives the songs a whole new sound in concert. SA's harmonic voice always sounds good, and his and Nick's "Back-up Singing" (one will repeat the last word of a verse the other has just sung) of each other really gives another dimension to each song.
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