Herman's Hermits

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The Heartbeats

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1964 -


United Kingdom



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 Herman's Hermits1965
 Herman's Hermits On Tour1965
 Hold On!1965
 The Best Of Herman's Hermits, Vol. I1965
 Best Of Herman's Hermits Volume II1966
 Both Sides Of Herman's Hermits1966
 There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World1967
 Best Of Herman's Hermits Volume III1968
 Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter1968
 The Best Of Herman's Hermits1969
 Most Of Herman's Hermits1971
 Most Of Herman's Hermits Vol. 21972
 Classic Collections1998
 Live In The USA1999
 Live In The UK2003
 Greatest Hits2004


 I'm Into Something Good1964
 Show Me Girl1964
 A Must To Avoid1965
 Can't You Hear My Heartbest1965
 I'm Henry The VIIIth I Am1965
 Just A Little Bit Better1965
 Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daugher1965
 Wonderful World1965
 East West1966
 Leaning On A Lamp Post1966
 Listen People1966
 No Milk Today1966
 This Door Swings Both Ways1966
 You Won't Be Leaving1966
 Don't Go Out Into The Rain1967
 There's A Kind Of Hush1967
 I Can't Take Or Leave Your Loving1968
 Sleepy Joe1968
 Something's Happening1968
 Sunshine Girl1968
 Here Come The Star1969
 My Sentimental Friend1969
 I DO Bet Yer Life I Do1970
 Lady Barbara1970
 Years May Come, Years May Go1970
 She's A Lady / Gold Mandela1971
 The Man / Effen Curly1972
 You Gotta Love Me Baby / Motorway City1973
 Ginny Go Softly / Blond Haired Blue Eyed Boy1975
 I'm In A Lonely Situation / Blond Haired Blue Eyed Boy1976
 Train / Ride On The Water1976
 Heart Ready For Love / Truck Stop Momma1978

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