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Barry started his career in folk music, performing with Barry Kane and then joining the New Christy Minstrels in 1962. The "Christys" had several hits, including "Green, Green" but it wasn't until three years later that Barry McGuire became a household name with the P.F. Sloan social anthem, "Eve Of Destruction".

In 1971, Barry embraced Christianity and soon lent his hand to the creation of Jesus Music, the melding of the Gospel with rock music rhythms. Today, he still performs in concert, solo, with John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot, and with The New Christy Minstrels.




 Barry McGuire Album1963
 Barry McGuire Featuring Eve Of Destruction1965
 Star Folk With Barry McGuire1965
 This Precious Time1965
 Barry McGuire Album [reissue]1966
 Star Folk Vol. 2 With Barry McGuire1966
 The World's Last Private Citizen1967
 Barry McGuire And The Doctor1971
 Lighten Up1974
 To The Bride1975
 C'Mon Along1976
 Have You Heard1977
 Bullfrogs and Butterflies1978
 Cosmic Cowboy1978
 Inside Out1979
 Best Of Barry McGuire1980
 Polka Dot Bear1980
 Finer Than Gold1981
 El Dorado1990
 Eve Of Destruction Man1992
 The Best Of Barry McGuire1995
 When Dinosaurs Walked The Earth [with Terry Talbot]1996
 Ancient Garden [with Terry Talbot]1997
 Frost and Fire [with Terry Talbot]1999


 The Tree1961
 Child Of Our Times / Upon A Painted Ocean1965
 Eve Of Destruction / What's Exactly The Matter With Me1965
 This Precious Time / Don't You Wonder Where It's At1965
 Cloudy Summer Afternoon(Rain Drops) / I'd Have To Be Out Of My Mind1966
 I'd Have To Be Outta My Mind / Walking My Cat Named Dog1966
 Masters Of War / Why Not Stop & Dig It While You Can1966
 There's Nothing Else On My Mind/Why Not Stop And Dig It While You Can1966
 Inner Manipulations / Lollipop Train1967
 Top O' The Hill / The Grasshopper Song1968


 First Love


Compilation Albums

 Love, Peace, Joy1974
 Jubilation, Too!1976
 Sparrow Spotlight Sampler1978
 Contemporary Christian Hits '78 & '79, The1993
 History Makers - The Best Of Christian Pop Vol. 1 1970 - 19852003
 History Makers - The Best Of Praise And Worship Vol. 1 1977 - 19842003

Soundtrack Albums

 The President's Analyst

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