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The Complete Blue Hawaii Sessions Vol.1

Bootleg release.
Genre:Rock / Pop
Guest Musicians:Elvis Presley (vocals), Scotty Moore (guitar), Hank Garland (guitar), Tiny Timbrell (guitar),; Alvino Rey (steel guitar), Fred Tavares (steel guitar), Bernie Lewis (ukelele), George Fields (harmonica), Boots Randolph (saxophone), Floyd Cramer (piano), Dudley Brooks (piano, celeste), Bob Moore (bass), D.J. Fontana (drums), Hal Blaine (drums), Bernie Mattinson (drums), The Jordanaires (background vocals), The Surfers (background vocals).
1 Hawaiian Sunset (Tk.1)
2 Hawaiian Sunset (Tk.2)
3 Hawaiian Sunset (Tk.3)
4 Aloha Oe (Tk.1-6)
5 Ku-U-I-Po (Tk.1)
6 Ku-U-I-Po (Tk.2-4)
7 Ku-U-I-Po (Tk.5)
8 Ku-U-I-Po (Tk.6)
9 Ku-U-I-Po (Tk.7)
10 Ku-U-I-Po (Tk.8)
11 Ku-U-I-Po (Tk.9)
12 No More (Tk.1-6)
13 No More (Tk.7)
14 No More (Tk.8)
15 No More (Tk.9)
16 Slicin' Sand (Tk.15-16)
17 Slicin' Sand (Tk.17)
18 Slicin' Sand (Tk.18)
19 Slicin' Sand (Tk.19)
20 Blue Hawaii (Tk.1-2)
21 Blue Hawaii (Tk.3)
22 Blue Hawaii (Tk.4-6)
23 Blue Hawaii (Tk.7)
24 Ito Eats (Tk.1-4)
25 Ito Eats (Tk.5)
26 Ito Eats (Tk.6-8)
27 Ito Eats (Tk.9)
28 Ito Eats (Track Only)
29 Hawaiian Wedding Song (Tk.1)
30 Hawaiian Wedding Song (Tk.2)
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