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 '68 Comeback Special Disc 1 NBC TV Special
 '68 Comeback Special Disc 2 Black Leather Sit Down Show #1
 '68 Comeback Special Disc 3 Black Leather Sit Down Show #2
 '68 Comeback Special Disc 4 Black Leather Stand Up Show #1
 '68 Comeback Special Disc 5 Black Leather Stand Up Show #2
 18 Film Hits
 71 Summer Festival Volume 2
 A Day In Duluth
 A December Night in Vegas
 A Little More Conversation
 A May Day In Baltimore
 A New Drive
 A New Live Experience
 A Pair of Kings
 A Portrait
 A Portrait Volume 2
 A Touch of Marble
 All Gut In Colledge Park
 All Shook Up: Unauthorised
 All Stars
 Aloha From Las Vegas
 Aloha Rehearsal Show Kui Lee Cancer Benefit
 Along Came Elvis
 Alternate Masters 10
 Alternate Masters 11
 Alternate Masters 5
 Alternate Masters 6
 Alternate Masters 7
 Alternate Masters 8
 Alternate Masters 9
 Always The Greatest Hits
 American Sound Sessions Vol. 1
 American Sound Sessions Vol. 2
 American Sound Sessions Vol. 3
 American Sound Sessions Vol. 4
 American Sound Sessions Vol. 5
 American Sound Sessions Vol. 6
 Among Friends
 An Outstanding Jamsession
 Animal Instinct
 Around The World With Elvis
 Asheville July 22 1975
 Asheville July 24 1975
 Baby I Don't Care
 Back In Vegas
 Back in the Ring
 Behind Closed Doors Vol. 2
 Behind Closed Doors Vol. 3
 Behind Closed Doors Vol. 4
 Beltway To Largo
 Big Boss Man
 Black Star
 Blistering Pace
 Blowing the Roof Off
 Blue Christmas
 Blue Hawaii Outtakes
 Boy From Tupelo
 Breathing Out Fire
 Burning Vegas Down
 C. C. Rider
 Cadillac Elvis
 Cape Finale in Atlanta
 Celluloid Rock Box Vol.1
 Celluloid Rock Box Vol.2
 Colonel Parker's Boy
 Command Performance
 Complete Paradise Hawaiian Style Session 2
 Crazy The Funny Side Of Elvis
 Crystal Voice Volume 1
 Crystal Voice Volume 2
 Crystal Voice Volume 3
 Cuttin' Loose
 Datin' With Elvis
 Dazzlin' Dallas
 Dogs Life 10"
 Dorsey Shows
 Down In Des Moines
 Dragon Attack In Detroit
 Dragonman Attack
 Drifting Down From The Sky
 Easy Come, Easy Go: and Hard to get Recordings
 Ed Sullivan Shows 1956-1957
 Elvis #1 Hits Singles
 Elvis 60th Anniversary Celebration
 Elvis At Sun Promo
 Elvis By Request: More Kid Galahad Sessions
 Elvis In Concert - 20 Years of Memory
 Elvis In Mobile
 Elvis Is Here
 Elvis Isn't Dead
 Elvis King of Rock n' Roll EP
 Elvis Live 3
 Elvis Live City to City
 Elvis Live In Rapid City
 Elvis Live at the Hilton 11-12-76 MS
 Elvis Lives From Fans To Fans
 Elvis Mania Atlanta
 Elvis Meets Presley Again
 Elvis Presley A Portrait
 Elvis Presley American Music Legends
 Elvis Presley In Tickle Me
 Elvis Presley La Legende En Concert
 Elvis Presley Perfect for Parties Highlight Album
 Elvis Rareties
 Elvis Rocks Des Moines
 Elvis Rocks In Lincoln
 Elvis Rocks Rapid City
 Elvis Slips In To Austin Texas
 Elvis Svenska Hits
 Elvis Swedish Hit Collection
 Elvis That's All Right
 Elvis The Live Sessions
 Elvis The Lost Performances 1970-1972
 Elvis Through the Years
 Elvis Today Magazine CD Promo
 Elvis Vegas
 Elvis Wow
 Elvis X-Rated
 Elvis on Tour: Polk Salad Annie
 Elvis' 1st Interview After His Army Discharge
 Elvis' Army Interview 2
 Elvis' Witchcraft Album
 Elvis, Red & Blue
 Especially For You
 Explosion In Vegas
 Fight Night
 Fire Of The King: Fever For The Fans
 For Animal Lovers Only
 For Elvis Fans Only
 Fort Worth
 Frogs Pigs and Dogs
 From Chicago To Tuscaloosa
 From Memphis to Canada
 From The Beach To The Bayou
 From The Bottom Of My Heart
 From The Bottom Of My Heart Vol. 2
 Fun Time At Shreveport
 G.I. Blues: The Paramount Tracks
 Gettin' Lei'd in Hawaii
 Getting Down To Business
 Girls! Girls! Girls! EP
 Girls! Girls! Girls! The Paramount Tracks
 Good Times Never Seemed So Good
 Good Times Never Seemed So Good [1998]
 Goodbye Vegas
 Grand Collection
 Greetings From Germany
 Guitar Man [LP]
 Gyrating Asheville
 Hampton on Fire
 Happy Birthday Charlie
 Happy New Year 2003
 Happy New Year From Pontiac 1975
 He Broke My Guitar
 Heat Of The Desert
 Hey Baby Let's Rock It
 High Spirits In Las Vegas
 Hot Summer Night
 Houston Astrodome March 1 1970 ES
 Houston February 27 1970 AS
 Houston February 27 1970 ES
 Houston February 28 1970 AS
 Houston February 28 1970 ES
 Houston March 1 1970 AS
 Houston November 12 1971
 I Beg of You
 I Don't Take No Kind Of Bull
 I Don't Wanna Sing These Songs
 I Shall Be Released
 I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago
 I Was Just A Baby Then
 I Was Raised On Rock
 I'd Like You to Meet Jack Lord
 I'll Whoop His Ass!
 I'm Going Home: Guitar Man Sessions
 I'm Not Asleep!
 If You Loved Me
 In Free Fall
 In Memory disc 1-4
 In My Way
 In Person Elvis and His Show
 In Person: Las Vegas International 8-12-70 Midnight Show
 In The Ghetto Outtake
 In a Class Of His Own
 Interviews With The King
 Intimate With Elvis
 It's Christmas Time
 It's Crazy Time Folks... Hit It!
 It's Different Now
 It's Now or Never: More Than 40 of His Greatest Hits, Disc 1
 Janus Rock'n Roll Collection
 Junichiro Koizumi Presents My Favorite Elvis Songs
 Just Adios And Not Goodbye...
 Just Elvis
 Kansas City November 15 1971
 Kickin' Back And Forth
 Kickin' Kalamazoo
 King Creole Acetates
 Kings and Ducks
 L' Album di
 Lake Charles
 Lake Tahoe 8-5-76 DS
 Lake Tahoe August 1 1971
 Lake Tahoe July 31 1971 MS
 Lake Tahoe May 13 1973 3.00pm
 Lakeland Florida Show
 Largo June 27 1976 AS
 Las Vegas August 16 1971 DS
 Las Vegas August 18 1975 OS
 Las Vegas August 19 1969
 Las Vegas August 22 1969
 Las Vegas August 26 1971 MS
 Las Vegas August 26 1973 MS
 Las Vegas August 28 1974 MS
 Las Vegas August 29 1974 MS
 Las Vegas August 31 1973 MS
 Las Vegas August 4 1972 OS
 Las Vegas December 10 1975
 Las Vegas December 11 1976 MS
 Las Vegas December 2 1976 OS
 Las Vegas December 3 1976 DS
 Las Vegas December 3 1976 MS
 Las Vegas December 4 1976 MS
 Las Vegas December 8 1975
 Las Vegas February 19 1971 MS
 Las Vegas Febuary 22 1970 MS
 Las Vegas Febuary 23 1971 CS
 Las Vegas Febuary 3 1970 DS
 Las Vegas March 25 1975 DS
 Las Vegas March 26 1975 DS
 Las Vegas March 30 1975 DS
 Las Vegas March 31 1975 MS
 Las Vegas September 1 1970 DS
 Las Vegas September 1 1974
 Las Vegas September 4 1972
 Las Vegas September 6 1970 DS
 Las Vegas September 7 1970 MS
 Las Vegas Show August 14 1969 DS
 Le Cavalier Du Crepuscule
 Legendary Dick 1 of 3
 Legendary Rarities
 Little Egypt EP
 Live At Lakeside
 Live In Johnson City
 Live In The 50's Vol.1
 Live In The 50's Vol.2
 Live In The 50's Vol.3
 Live In The 50's Vol.4
 Live and Unleasehed
 Livestock Live
 Looking For Trouble
 Loose Ends Vol. 1
 Loose Ends Vol. 2
 Loose Ends Vol. 3
 Los Angeles California
 Loyal Greetings to Elvis
 Magic Moments
 Memphis Tennessee
 Miami September 12 1970 ES
 Midnight Inspirations A Night To Remember
 Midnight Show
 Midnight Special
 Mobile AL September 14 1970 ES
 Mobile June 2 1977
 Mobile June 20 1973
 Moody Blue The Alternate Album
 More Pure Elvis
 More Real Elvis
 My Happiness
 Norfolk July 20 1975 AS
 October Sun In Lake Tahoe
 Off Camera
 Original Film Music Volume 1
 Original Film Music Volume 2
 Original Film Music Volume 3
 Original Film Music Volume 4
 Original Film Music Volume 5
 Original Film Music Volume 6
 Original Film Music Volume 7
 Original Film Music Volume 8
 Outakes and More Vol 3
 Peace in the Valley: The Complete Gospel Recordings
 Pearl Harbor Show 1961
 Philadelphia 77
 Pine Bluff September 8 1976
 Play It Hot
 Portrait of My Love
 Pure Stage Power
 Radio Recorders Revisited
 Rainbow Over Bloomington
 Raised On Country
 Raised On Gospel
 Raised on Country
 Recorded Live On Stage In Shreveport
 Return To Splendour
 Return of the Tiger Man Vol. 3
 Riding The Wave CD1
 Riding The Wave ES CD 2
 Ripping It Up In St. Paul
 Rock And Roll Star
 Rock My Soul [Version 1] Rock My Soul [Version 2]
 Rockin' Oakland
 Rough Cut Diamonds
 Rough Cut Diamonds Volume 2
 Run On (The Unreleased Promo) [1997]
 Saginaw Heat
 Scratch My Back EP
 Second Night In Binghampton
 Second Night in Norman
 Sheik Of The Desert
 Shock, Rattle 'N' Roll
 Sold Out
 Somebody's Wife's Favourites
 Special Delivery From Elvis Presley
 Spring Fever In Vegas
 Star Live Voice
 Steppin' Out Of Line
 Storm Over Portland
 Stormin' Syracuse
 Sunlight In Vegas
 Super Hour In Dayton
 Superstar Outakes
 Superstar Outtakes Vol. 2
 Surrender Studio Sessions
 Susie Q
 Suspicious Minds The Hampton Concert
 Suspicious Minds The Memphis 1969 Anthology
 Suspicius Minds Limited Edition
 T.O.C. No.5
 TV Guide Presents
 Take The Ribbon From Your Hair
 Talk About Some...Fast Movin
 That's All Right
 The Aloha Press Conference
 The Alternative Memphis
 The Burbank Sessions Volume 1
 The Burbank Sessions Volume 2
 The Colonel's Collection
 The Complete Blue Hawaii Sessions Vol.1
 The Complete Blue Hawaii Sessions Vol.2
 The Complete Blue Hawaii Sessions Vol.3
 The Complete G.I. Blues Sessions Vol.1
 The Complete G.I. Blues Sessions Vol.2
 The Complete G.I. Blues Sessions Vol.3
 The Complete Kid Galahad Sessions Vol. 1
 The Complete Kid Galahad Sessions Vol. 2
 The Complete Kid Galahad Sessions Vol. 3
 The Complete Paradise Hawaiian Style Session 3
 The Complete Wild In The Country Sessions Vol. 1
 The Complete Wild In The Country Sessions Vol. 2
 The Complete Wild In The Country Sessions Vol. 3
 The Concert Years Vol 6
 The Continuing Story of Memory Records
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 1
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 10
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 11
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 12
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 13
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 14
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 2
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 3
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 4
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 5
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 6
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 7
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 8
 The Elvis Presley Story Vol. 9
 The Elvis Remixes Vol. 3
 The Entertainer 1954-1976
 The Graceland Sessions
 The King Goes Wild
 The King Lost On Tour
 The King Lost On Tour Vol. 2
 The King Yesterday Today
 The Las Vegas Stage Show
 The Legend Lives On
 The Memphis Flash Hits Las Vegas
 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
 The Nashville Sessions 1960-1961
 The Nashville Sessions 1961-1963
 The Other Side Of Memphis
 The Paradise Hawaiian Style Sessions Vol. 1
 The Paradise Hawaiian Style Sessions Vol. 2
 The Real Elvis Now
 The Today Sessions
 The Very Best of ELV1S Pres1ey
 There's Always Him
 Tickle Me Volume 2 EP
 Trax From Stax
 Trying To Get To You: The King in Texas
 Tumbling Walls
 Turn Around, Look at Me
 Tuscaloosa, Alabama
 Unreleased Tracks
 Walk With Me To Milwaukee
 We Have Not Rehearsed Them
 We'll Remember You
 Welcome To The Show
 Welcome in San Antone
 What Now My Love
 What a Lovely Way to Burn
 When Elvis Found the Funk
 When It's My Time
 When the Snow is on the Roses Vol.1
 When the Snow is on the Roses Vol.2
 Who Dressed Me Tonight
 Who Shot Me!
 Witchcraft Album
 Wooden Heart EP
 Wooden Heart In Vegas
 You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog
 You Don't Know Me
 You're The First, You're My Last, My Everything
 Zlate Casy
 Elvis Presley1956
 Elvis Presley Double EP1956
 Elvis Presley EP1956
 Heartbreak Hotel EP1956
 July 1956 Sampler1956
 Shake, Rattle and Roll EP1956
 The Real Elvis EP1956
 Any Way You Want Me EP1956
 Elvis Volume 1 EP1956
 Elvis Volume 2 EP1956
 Love Me Tender EP1956
 Good Rockin' Tonight EP1957
 Strickly Elvis EP1957
 Peace In the Valley EP1957
 Loving You Volume 1 EP1957
 Loving You Volume 2 EP1957
 Just For You EP1957
 Elvis' Christmas Album1957
 Jailhouse Rock EP1957
 Elvis Sings Christmas Songs EP1957
 King Creole1958
 King Creole Volume 1 EP1958
 King Creole Volume 2 EP1958
 Christmas With Elvis EP1958
 For LP Fans Only1959
 Elvis Sails EP1959
 August 1959 Sampler1959
 A Date with Elvis1959
 Elvis Gold Records Vol 21959
 Elvis Is Back!1960
 G.I. Blues1960
 His Hand in Mine1960
 A Touch of Gold Volume 1 EP1961
 A Touch of Gold Volume 2 EP1961
 A Touch of Gold Volume 3 EP1961
 Elvis by Request EP1961
 Something for Everybody1961
 Blue Hawaii1961
 Follow That Dream EP1962
 Pot Luck with Elvis1962
 Kid Galahad EP1962
 It Happened at the World's Fair1963
 Fun in Acapulco1963
 Girls! Girls! Girls!1963
 See The USA, The Elvis Way EP1964
 Kissin' Cousins1964
 Viva Las Vegas EP1964
 Tickle Me EP1965
 Elvis for Everyone1965
 Harum Scarum1965
 Frankie & Johnny1966
 Paradise, Hawaiian Style1966
 A Touch Of Gold Volume 3 EP1967
 Blue Hawaii EP1967
 California Holiday EP1967
 Special Christmas Programming1967
 Your Cheatin' Heart EP1967
 How Great Thou Art1967
 Special Palm Sunday Programming1967
 Easy Come, Easy Go EP1967
 Double Trouble1967
 The Great Hits of Elvis Presley1968
 Singer Presents Elvis Singing Flaming Star and Others1968
 Elvis - TV Special1968
 Love Letters From Elvis EP1969
 Teddy Bear EP1969
 Tell Me Why EP1969
 Flaming Star1969
 From Elvis in Memphis1969
 From Memphis to Vegas From Vegas to Memphis1969
 It's Now Or Never EP1970
 Lonely Man EP1970
 Please Release Me1970
 Elvis in Person at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV1970
 Let's Be Friends1970
 On Stage: February 19701970
 Elvis: Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Volume 11970
 Almost in Love1970
 Back in Memphis1970
 That's the Way It Is1970
 I Wanna Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star1971
 Las Vegas Midnight Show1971
 Elvis Country1971
 You'll Never Walk Alone1971
 Love Letters from Elvis1971
 Elvis: The Other Sides-Gold Award Hits, Volume 21971
 Elvis Sings The Wonderful World of Christmas1971
 I Got Lucky1971
 Elvis Now1972
 He Touched Me1972
 Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies, Volume 11972
 Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden1972
 Burning Love and Other Hits From His Movies, Volume 21972
 Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite EP1973
 Elvis Presley A Portrait In Music1973
 Separate Ways1973
 Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite1973
 Elvis [1973]1973
 Raised on Rock1973
 From Hollywood To Vegas1974
 Rock My Soul1974
 The Hillbillycat 1954-1974 Vol.11974
 The Monologue LP1974
 U.S. Male1974
 Elvis-A Legendary Performer, Volume 11974
 Worldwide Gold Awards Parts 1 and 21974
 Good Times1974
 Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis1974
 Having Fun With Elvis on Stage1974
 Easy Come, Easy Go1975
 Such A Night EP1975
 The Elvis Presley Sun Collection1975
 Promised Land1975
 C'Mon Everybody1975
 Double Dynamite1975
 From The Dark To The Light1976
 From The Waist Up1976
 Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!1976
 Elvis In Hollywood1976
 Elvis-A Legendary Performer, Volume 21976
 From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee1976
 The Last Farewell1977
 Welcome to My World1977
 Moody Blue1977
 His Songs of Inspiration1977
 The Elvis Presley Story1977
 Elvis in Concert1977
 Worldwide Gold Awards Parts 3 and 41977
 Eternal Elvis1978
 Legendary Concert Performances1978
 Mahalo from Elvis1978
 Rockin' 'n' Lovin'1978
 The '56 Sessions Volume 11978
 The '56 Sessions Volume 21978
 He Walks Beside Me1978
 Elvis Sings for Children and Grownups Too!1978
 Elvis : 19781978
 A Canadian Tribute (1 link)1978
 From Elvis With Love1978
 Memories of Elvis1978
 The Greatest Show on Earth1978
 Country Memories1978
 Pickwick Pack1978
 Elvis-A Legendary Performer, Volume 31978
 Behind Closed Doors1979
 From Las Vegas To Niagara Falls1979
 Pittsburgh, PA December 31 1976 Plantation Rock1979
 Please Don't Stop Loving Me1979
 Radio Thrills1979
 Rendez-Vous Avec Elvis 20 Love Songs1979
 The Burbank Sessions Vol.21979
 The Complete Burbank Sessions, Volume 11979
 The Complete Burbank Sessions, Volume 21979
 The Complete Burbank Sessions, Volume 31979
 Our Memories of Elvis, Volume 11979
 Elvis' Greatest Moments in Music1979
 Our Memories of Elvis, Volume 21979
 The Legendary Recordings Of Elvis Presley1979
 A Dogs Life1980
 Elvis' Greatest Shit1980
 Leavin' It Up To You1980
 Rare Elvis1980
 The King Elvis1980
 Elvis Aron Presley1980
 Country Classics1980
 Legendary Magic of Elvis Presley1980
 20 Greatest Hits Vol. 11981
 25 Years As A Rock'N'Roll Legend1981
 American Trilogy1981
 Double Dynamite Volume 11981
 Double Dynamite Volume 21981
 Elvis At His Best1981
 Elvis In Germany1981
 Golden Boy Elvis1981
 Heartbreak Hotel1981
 It's Now Or Never1981
 Return To Sender1981
 Rock 'N' Roll No.21981
 The European Side Of Elvis1981
 The Ultimate Performance1981
 Guitar Man1981
 This is Elvis1981
 Elvis Love Songs1981
 Greatest Hits, Volume 11981
 20 Greatest Hits Vol. 21982
 A Merry Christmas From Elvis Presley1982
 Are You Lonesome Tonight? EP1982
 Conversations With Elvis EP1982
 Elvis Are You Lonesome Tonight?1982
 Elvis Forever Vol. 31982
 Elvis Images1982
 Elvis Presley Onvergetelijke Hits1982
 Elvis' Girls Volume 1 EP1982
 Elvis' Girls Volume 2 EP1982
 Historia De La Musica Rock1982
 I'm Counting On You EP1982
 It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You1982
 Personally Elvis1982
 Rock 'N' Roll Rebel1982
 Rockin' Elvis The Sixties1982
 Special Delivery From Elvis EP1982
 Stay Away Joe EP1982
 Suspicious Minds EP1982
 Suspicious Minds Version 11982
 Suspicious Minds Version 21982
 The 1968 TV Special EP1982
 The Sound Of Your Cry1982
 Country Music1982
 Memories of Christmas1982
 The Elvis Medley1982
 Blue Rhythms1983
 Elvis Forever Volume 11983
 Elvis Forever Volume 21983
 Elvis Presley The King Of Rock'N'Roll1983
 Elvis Sings The Blues1983
 Elvis The Complete Bonus Songs1983
 Remembering Elvis1983
 The Beginning Years1983
 The Complete Bonus Songs1983
 The Legend1983
 I Was the One1983
 Elvis Sings Inspirational Songs1983
 His Greatest Hits1983
 Elvis-A Legendary Performer, Volume 41983
 32 Film Hits Volume 11984
 Blue Elvis EP1984
 Change Of Habit EP1984
 Elvis Presley The Collection Volume Four1984
 Elvis Presley The Collection Volume One1984
 Elvis Presley The Collection Volume Three1984
 From The Waist Up EP1984
 I Can Help And Other Great Hits1984
 Love In Las Vegas Volume 2 EP1984
 The First Ten Years1984
 Elvis: The First Live Recordings1984
 The Elvis Presley Collection1984
 Elvis Gold Records Volume 51984
 Elvis Sings Country Favourites1984
 The Hillbilly Cat1984
 A Golden Celebration1984
 Savage Young Elvis1984
 Merry Christmas1984
 32 Film Hits Volume 21985
 Elvis Presley (50th Birthday Anniversary Release)1985
 Elvis Presley Programme Plus Vol. 11985
 Elvis Presley Programme Plus Vol. 21985
 Elvis Presley Programme Plus Vol. 31985
 Elvis Presley Programme Plus Vol. 51985
 Elvis Sings Mort Shuman & Doc Pomus1985
 Good Times Never Seemed So Good1985
 One Night With Elvis1985
 A Valentine Gift For You1985
 50 Years 50 Hits1985
 Elvis Presley By Request1985
 Reconsider Baby1985
 By Request1986
 His Songs Of Faith And Inspiration1986
 In Love With Elvis1986
 Return of the Rocker1986
 The Rock Hits1986
 The Legend Lives On1986
 Elvis Presley 1954-19611986
 15 Queens For A King1987
 Portrait D'Une Legende Vol. 11987
 Portrait D'Une Legende Vol. 21987
 Ten Years After1987
 Elvis Live In Dallas June 19751987
 The Complete Sun Session1987
 The Memphis Record1987
 The Number One Hits1987
 We Love Elvis1987
 Country Feelings1987
 Love Me Tender1987
 Merry Christmas From Elvis1987
 16 Top Tracks1988
 Elvis Country [1988]1988
 Elvis In Nashville1988
 Elvis Presley 18 Greatest Hits1988
 Elvis Presley 18 Greatest Love Songs1988
 Elvis Presley Heartbreaker1988
 Elvis Presley It's Now or Never1988
 Elvis Presley Love Me Tender1988
 Elvis Presley Love Songs1988
 Elvis Presley Rock and Roll Legend1988
 Elvis Presley The Legend1988
 Elvis Presley, Stereo '57, Essential Elvis, Volume 2,1988
 Elvis Remembering1988
 Elvis Rock 'n' On1988
 Elvis Rock 'n' On Volume 21988
 Good Rockin' Tonight1988
 Hollywood Sessions1988
 L'Album Di Elvis Presley1988
 The Hollywood Sessions1988
 Elvis Presley, The First Movies, Essential Elvis, Volume 1,1988
 Essential Elvis-The First Movies1988
 Elvis Aron Presley-Forever1988
 The Alternate Aloha1988
 By Request Best 201989
 Christmas Classics1989
 Elvis An Double Feature1989
 Elvis Presley 1 Laser Plus 191989
 Elvis Presley 1 Laser Plus 201989
 Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock1989
 Elvis Rocks Little Rock1989
 Good Rockin Tonight Best of Elvis Vol. 11989
 Good Rockin Tonight Best of Elvis Vol. 21989
 Great Performances1989
 Hot and Tight1989
 Lost On Tour1989
 Lost On Tour The Sequel1989
 Original Hit Singles EP1989
 Pure Diamonds Volume 11989
 Pure Diamonds Volume 21989
 Stax Tracks1989
 The Complete On Tour Sessions1989
 The Complete On Tour Sessions Vol. 21989
 The Complete On Tour Sessions Vol.11989
 The Complete On Tour Sessions Vol.21989
 The Complete On Tour Sessions Vol.31989
 Yesterday Today1989
 We Love Elvis Vol.21989
 A Date With Elvis Album (Remastered)1989
 For LP Fans Only Album Remastered1989
 Elvis Presley Best1989
 America's Own Volume 11990
 Danske Single Hits1990
 Die ersten 20 Chart Hits1990
 Elvis Christmas Classics1990
 Elvis On Tour1990
 Elvis Presley, Essential Elvis, Volume 31990
 For The Asking The Lost Album1990
 Hawaii USA1990
 Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog & Other Top Ten Hits1990
 Her Master's Voice1990
 Het Mooiste Van Elvis Presley1990
 Las Vegas Fever Volume 31990
 Live In Virginia1990
 Loving You Recording Sessions1990
 Memories of Elvis [1990]1990
 More Pure Elvis1990
 Pure Gold1990
 Request Box Show1990
 Since Cincinnatti1990
 Solid Gold1990
 The Alternate Recordings1990
 The Burbank Sessions Vol. 21990
 Vintage 551990
 Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 2 [Remastered]1990
 Elvis' Golden Records [Remastered]1990
 50's Movie Outtakes1991
 Collectors Gold1991
 Die Hits Der Deutschen Charts1991
 Down In The Alley1991
 Elvis At His Romantic Best1991
 From Burbank To Vegas1991
 Hang Loose1991
 Inherit The Wind1991
 International Heatwave1991
 Just Pretend1991
 Las Vegas Fever Volume 11991
 Las Vegas Fever Volume 21991
 Live In Las Vegas EP1991
 Long Beach, California 19721991
 Merry Christmas Baby1991
 Sweet Carolina1991
 Sweet Caroline1991
 The Complete Wild In The Country Sessions1991
 The Very Best Of Elvis Presley1991
 Tornado From Vegas1991
 Unsurpassed Master Vol. 11991
 Welcome in Germany1991
 When All Was Kool1991
 Collector's Gold1991
 Elvis Presley Sings Leiber & Stoller1991
 American Rejects1992
 Big Boss Man1992
 Elvis By Special Request1992
 Elvis Forever Vol. 21992
 Fried Bananas, Ice Cream & Gatorade1992
 From The Heart1992
 Green Green Grass Of Home1992
 Home Made Recordings1992
 La Voix Du Rock1992
 Las Vegas Dinner Show1992
 Loving You [1992]1992
 Release Me1992
 Rockin' April Fools Days1992
 Take These Chains From My Heart1992
 Unsurpassed Master Vol. 21992
 Walk A Mile In My Shoes1992
 Madison Square Garden1992
 Hawaiian Oddities1992
 King of Rock'n'roll: 50's Masters1992
 Long Lost and Found Songs1992
 Neon City Light1992
 A Dream To Follow1993
 A New Live Experience1993
 Adios, The Final Performance1993
 And Then The Lights Went Down1993
 Back In Portland1993
 Big Boss Man In Lake Tahoe1993
 Double Features1993
 Early Recordings1993
 Edge Of Reality1993
 Elvis A Celebration1993
 Fire In Vegas1993
 Hometown Memphis1993
 It's A Matter Of Time1993
 Kid Galahad Sessions1993
 Little Darling1993
 Love Letters From Me To You1993
 Norske Hits1993
 Opening Night 19691993
 Phoenix Over Tennessee1993
 Return To Long Beach1993
 Riot In Charlotte1993
 Stay Away1993
 The Hampton Concert1993
 The King Of Entertainment1993
 The King Will Never Die1993
 The Rehearsal For The Hampton Concert1993
 The Return Of Tiger Man1993
 The Winner Back In Vegas1993
 Unsurpassed Master Vol. 31993
 Unsurpassed Masters, Volume 41993
 Vegas Birthday Show1993
 Vegas Showman1993
 Vienna Woods Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 11993
 Welcome To San Antone1993
 Wings Of An Angel1993
 Double Features: Flaming Star / Follow That Dream1993
 Double Features: Frankie and Johnny / Paradise Hawaiian Style1993
 Double Features: Harum Scarum / Girl Happy1993
 Double Features: It Happened At The World's Fair / Fun In Acapulco1993
 Double Features: Kid Galahad / Girls! Girls! Girls!1993
 Double Features: Kissin' Cousins / Clambake1993
 Double Features: Live A Little Love A Little / Charro / The Trouble With Girls/ Change Of Habit1993
 Double Features: Spinout / Double Trouble1993
 Double Features: Viva Las Vegas / Roustabout1993
 One Helluva Night1993
 Easy Come Easy Go / Speedway1993
 Jailhouse Rock Man In Concert1993
 Private Presley1993
 From Nashville to Memphis: The Essential 60's Masters1993
 8.30 PM Tonight...1994
 A Crazy Show At Lake Tahoe1994
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 As Recorded In Stereo '57 Volume 11994
 Back At The Falls1994
 Bicentennial Elvis Experience1994
 Blue Rainbow1994
 Chicago, Illinois 8.30 PM1994
 Conquering The Falls1994
 Crying Time In Vegas1994
 Drug Story1994
 Elvis Mania1994
 Fairy Tales1994
 Greetings From Saginaw1994
 Having Fun on Stage With Elvis Volume 11994
 Hot Time In Florida1994
 If You Talk In Your Sleep1994
 Midnight Inspirations1994
 Presley At The Hilton1994
 Return To Lake Tahoe1994
 Rockin' Against The Roaring Falls1994
 Savannah 771994
 Season's Greetings From Vegas1994
 Send Me The Light I Need It Bad1994
 Standing Room Only1994
 Standing Room Only Volume 21994
 Steamroller Blues1994
 Steamrollin' Charlotte1994
 The Thrill Goes On1994
 Tonight 8.30pm!1994
 Top Acts in Vegas Vol. 21994
 Top Acts in Vegas Vol. 31994
 Tuscaloosa, Alabama1994
 Ultra Rare Trax1994
 Vienna Woods Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 21994
 What a Wonderful Life1994
 Hot Time In Miami1994
 If Every Day Was Like Christmas1994
 Amazing Grace1994
 King Time In Abilene1994
 71 Summer Festival Dinner Show1995
 A Damn Fine Show1995
 A Profile, The King on Stage Volume 11995
 All Things Are Possible1995
 Auld Lang Syne1995
 Born To Give Us Fever1995
 Carry Me Back To Old Virginia1995
 Deep Down In Texas1995
 Deep Down Texas1995
 Elvis At Full Blast1995
 Elvis Latino!1995
 Elvis Live1995
 Elvis Meets The Beatles1995
 Elvis and Linda1995
 Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!1995
 G.I. Blues Anniversary Edition1995
 Go Cat Go1995
 Kicked It Up In Dallas1995
 Live From Roanoke1995
 Moody Blue and Other Great Performances1995
 Old Times They Are Not Forgotten1995
 On A April Fool's Day Vol. 21995
 On An April Fools Day Vol. 21995
 Season's Greetings From Elvis1995
 Sixties & Seventies Mix1995
 Spanish Eyes1995
 Stasera Resta Con Me1995
 Stateline California1995
 Suspicious King1995
 The Best Of The Lost Binaural Takes1995
 The Complete Bonus Songs 1960-19671995
 The Event1995
 The King Rocks On Tampa1995
 The King Rocks Tampa1995
 The Last Show1995
 The Nation's Only Atomic Powered Singer1995
 The Unreleased Collection1995
 There's A Whole Lot-ta Shakin' Goin' On1995
 There's Always Me Volume 11995
 There's Always Me Volume 21995
 There's Always Me Volume 31995
 There's Always Me Volume 41995
 Top Acts in Vegas Vol. 11995
 Top Acts in Vegas Vol. 41995
 Top Acts in Vegas Vol. 51995
 Top Acts in Vegas Vol. 61995
 Top Acts in Vegas Vol. 71995
 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road1995
 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road [Version 2]1995
 Tuscaloosa Night1995
 Vegas Memories 8.15 pm1995
 Vegas Remembering1995
 Flaming Star, Wild In The Country, Follow That Dream1995
 Let Me Take You Home1995
 Elvis Tapes, Volume 11995
 Holding Back The Years1995
 Here I Go Again1995
 Command Performances1995
 Love Letters From Nevada1995
 A Dinner Date With Elvis1996
 A Profile, The King on Stage Volume 21996
 A Profile, The King on Stage Volume 31996
 A Profile, The King on Stage Volume 41996
 American Crown Jewels1996
 As Recorded In Stereo '57 Vol.21996
 Cafe Europa Sessions1996
 Candy Bars For Elvis1996
 Checkmate In Vegas1996
 Desert Storm1996
 Elvis & Friends Talks About Elvis1996
 Face to Face With Elvis1996
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 G.I. Blues Anniversary Edition Volume 21996
 Lean, Mean And Kickin' Butt1996
 Pure Diamonds Volume 31996
 Pure Diamonds Volume 41996
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 Spin-in.... Spinout1996
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 24 Karat Gold1997
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 Animal Instinct1997
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 ...And The King For Dessert1998
 A Hot Winter Night In Dallas1998
 A Pair Of Boots1998
 A Private Moment With The King1998
 All Shook Up [1998]1998
 As I Leave You1998
 Black Diamond1998
 Blazing In To The Darkness1998
 Broken Fingers1998
 Burbank 681998
 Burning In Birmingham1998
 Candid Elvis On Camera1998
 Come What May1998
 Elvis On Tour Version 21998
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 Elvis Presley Collection From The Heart1998
 Elvis Presley Collection Fun at the Movies1998
 Elvis Presley Collection Gospel1998
 Elvis Presley Collection Love Songs1998
 Elvis Presley Collection Movie Magic1998
 Elvis Presley Collection Rhythm and Blues1998
 Elvis Presley Collection Rock 'n' Roll1998
 Elvis Presley Collection The Rocker1998
 Elvis Presley Collection The Romantic1998
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 Elvis in Rock1998
 From Fans To Fans1998
 From Pontiac To Paradise1998
 From Vegas To Macon1998
 Get Down And Get With It1998
 Movie Session Memories1998
 No Fooling Around!1998
 Rockin' In The Country1998
 Run On1998
 Shake, Rattle And Roll1998
 Sold Out in Dixie1998
 Something Complete1998
 Stereo '57 The Essential Elvis Volume 21998
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 Tiger Man Vol. 11998
 Tiger Man Volume 11998
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 My It's Been A Long Time1998
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 One Night in Omni1998
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 Memories: The '68 Comeback Special1998
 Tiger Man (1 link)1998
 Live in '551998
 Absent Without Leave1999
 After Change:1999
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 Rock & Roll1999
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 8 Songs Selected by the Swedish Elvis Fan Club2000
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 Don't Think Twice2000
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 Kiss Me Quick Little Sister2000
 O Come All Ye Faithful2000
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 Memories from Kalamazoo2001
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 Elvis: Anniversary 1935-2004 BMG Promo2004
 FLY T-R-O-U-B-L-E2004
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 One Night2004
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 When The Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again2004
 So High2004
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 Fever Pitch2004
 Spinout Remastered2004
 Elvis at Sun2004
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 Gold of the King CD-22005
 Gold of the King CD-32005
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 I Did It My Way2005
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 Let Me Be There2005
 Pieces of My Life2005
 Rockin' The Northwest2005
 Springtime In Nevada2005
 The Midnight Hour2005
 Trying To Get To Memphis2005
 Rocking Across Texas & On Tour Rehearsals2005
 Love Elvis2005
 All Shook Up2005
 A Thunder In The Night2006
 At The Top Of The Game2006
 Better Than Ever2006
 Early Morning Rain2006
 Going Back In Time2006
 Holding Down The Forth2006
 Let It Roll2006
 Lightening Storm In Florida2006
 One Night Only2006
 Setting The Standard2006
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 The Vegas Year Vol. 12006
 Made in Memphis2006
 Something For Everybody [2006]2006
 An American Trilogy2007
 A Legendary Performer Volume 52O05
 A Legendary Performer Volume 82O06


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 Milkcow Blues Boogie / You're a Heartbreaker1955
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 That's All Right, Mama / Blue Moon of Kentucky1955
 Heartbreak Hotel / I Was the One1956
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 Blue Suede Shoes / Tutti Frutti1956
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 Money Honey / One-Sided Love Affair1956
 Shake, Rattle and Roll / Lawdy, Miss Clawdy1956
 Tryin' To Get To You / I Love You Because [1956]1956
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 Teddy Bear / Loving You1957
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 Don't / I Beg of You1957
 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Doncha' Think It's Time1958
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 I Got Stung / One Night1958
 A Fool Such as I / I Need Your Love Tonight1959
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 Stuck On You / Fame and Fortune1960
 It's Now or Never / A Mess of Blues1960
 Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know1960
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 Can't Help Falling in Love / Rock-a-hula Baby1961
 Good Luck Charm / Anything That's Part of You1962
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 Return to Sender / Where Do You Come From1962
 One Broken Heart For Sale / They Remind Me Too Much of You1963
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 Bossa Nova Baby / Witchcraft1963
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 Puppet on a String / Wodden Heart1965
 Blue Christmas / Santa Claus is Back in Town1965
 Tell Me Why / Blue River1966
 Joshua Fit the Battle / Known Only to Him1966
 Milky White Way / Swing Down Sweet Chariot1966
 Frankie and Johnny / Please Don't Stop Loving Me1966
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 Spinout / All That I Am1966
 If Every Day Was Like Christmas / How Would You Like to Be1966
 Indescribably Blue / Fools Fall in Love1967
 Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) / That's Someone You'll Never Forget1967
 There's Always Me / Judy1967
 Big Boss Man / You Don't Know Me1967
 Guitar Man / High-heel Sneakers1968
 U.S. Male / Stay Away1968
 You'll Never Walk Alone / We Call on Him1968
 Let Yourself Go / Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby1968
 A Little Less Conversation / Almost in Love1968
 If I Can Dream / Edge of Reality1968
 Memories / Charro1969
 How Great Thou Art / His Hand in Mine1969
 In The Ghetto / Any Day Now1969
 Clean Up Your Own Backyard / The Fairs Moving On1969
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 Don't Cry Daddy / Rubberneckin'1969
 Kentucky Rain / My Little Friend1970
 The Wonder of You / Mama Liked the Roses1970
 I've Lost You / The Next Step is Love1970
 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Patch It Up1970
 I Really Don't Want To Know / There Goes My Everything1970
 Rags To Riches / Where Did They Go Lord1971
 Life / Only Believe1971
 I'm Leavin / Heart of Rome1971
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 Until It's Time for You to Go / We Can Make the Morning1972
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 Burning Love / It's A Matter of Time1972
 Always on My Mind / Separate Ways1972
 Fool / Steamroller Blues1973
 Raised on Rock / For Ol' Times Sake1973
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 Help Me / If You Talk in Your Sleep1974
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 Little Darlin' / I'm Movin On1979
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 Softly As I Leave You / Unchained Melody1979
 There's A Honky Tonk Angel / I Got A Feelin' In My Body1979
 An American Trilogy / Suspicious Minds1981
 If Every Day Was Like Christmas / Blue Christmas1981
 It's Only Love / Beyond The Reef1981
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 That's All Right / Harbour Lights1981
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 I Just Can't Help Believin' / Bridge Over Troubled Water1981
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 Are You Lonesome Tonight? / From A Jack To A King1982
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 I Can Help / If Every Day Was Like Christmas / The Lady Loves Me1983
 I Can Help / The Lady Loves Me1983
 You're So Squar Baby, I Don't Care / One-Sided Love Affair / Tutti Frutti1983
 I Was The One / Wear My Ring Around Your Neck1983
 Teddy Bear / Puppet On A String1983
 You're So Square Baby, I Don't Care / True Love1983
 Little Sister / Paralyzed1983
 Paralysed / Little Sister1983
 The Elvis Medley / Blue Suede Shoes1984
 The Last Farewell / It's Easy For You1984
 The Last Farewell / It's Easy For You /Shake Rattle And Roll / Flip, Flop And Fly / That's All Right (Mama) / My Heart Cries For You1984
 Baby Let's Play House / Hound Dog1984
 Blue Suede Shoes / Promised Land1984
 Always On My Mind / Tomorrow Night1985
 Always On My Mind / Tomorrow Night / Ain't That Loving You Baby / Dark Moon1985
 Elvis' Greatest Hits Golden Singles Volume 11985
 Elvis' Greatest Hits Golden Singles Volume 21985
 Always On My Mind / My Boy1985
 Merry Christmas Baby / Santa Claus Is Back In Town1985
 Love Me Tender / If I Can Dream1987
 Love Me Tender / If I Can Dream / Bossa Nova Baby1987
 Stuck On You / Always On My Mind / Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) / Are You Lonesome Tonight?1987
 Stuck On You / Any Way You Want Me1987
 Always On My Mind / Burning Love1988
 Heartbreak Hotel / Heartbreak Hotel1988
 Mean Woman Blues / I Beg Of You / Party / Mean Woman Blues1989
 Are You Lonesome Tonight / Runaway / Baby, What You Want Me To Do / Reconsider Baby1991
 Are You Lonesome Tonight? / Reconsider Baby1991
 Don't Be Cruel / All Shook Up / Jailhouse Rock / I Need Your Love Tonight1991
 Blue Christmas / Love Me Tender1992
 Don't Be Cruel / Ain't That Lovin' You Baby1992
 Heartbreak Hotel / Hound Dog1993
 The Twelfth Of Never / Walk A Mile In Your Shoes / Burning Love1995
 Heartbreak Hotel / I Was The One / Heartbreak Hotel / I Was The One1996
 Heartbreak Hotel / I Was The One1996
 King Of The Whole Wide World / King Creole1997
 Rags to Riches/I'm Leavin'1997
 America the Beautiful / If I Can Dream / Amazing Grace2001
 A Little Less Conversation2002
 Burning Love2002
 That's All Right2004
 Are You Lonesome Tonight?2005
 Crying in the Chapel2005
 Fool Such As I2005
 Good Luck Charm2005
 His Latest Flame2005
 It's Now Or Never2005
 Jailhouse Rock2005
 One Night2005
 Return To Sender2005
 Rock a Hula Baby2005
 She's Not You2005
 Way Down2005
 Wonder of You2005
 Wooden Heart2005
 You're The Devil In Disguise2005


 Elvis A Documentary
 Elvis at the Movies
 Singer Presents Elvis Outtakes From 1968 Special
 Elvis Death of a Legend1988
 Elvis Presleys Graceland1988
 Lost Elvis The Milton Berle Show1989
 Elvis Presley Collection1994
 Story of a Legend1994
 History of Rock and Roll Explosion Volume 11995
 Elvis One Night With You1995
 The Elvis Presley Story1995
 Elvis: All the King's Men The King Collection1997
 Love Me Tender1997
 Elvis The Story1997
 Easy Come, Easy Go1997
 Girl Happy1997
 Kid Galahad1997
 Live a Little, Love a Little1997
 Viva Las Vegas1997
 Elvis' Lost Love1997
 Elvis Long Live the King1997
 Elvis All the King's Men Collapse of the Kingdom1997
 Elvis All the King's Men Rocket Ride to Stardom1997
 Elvis All the King's Men The Secret Life of Elvis1997
 Elvis All the King's Men Wild in Hollywood1997
 Lost Elvis Home Movies1999
 Loving You2000
 Elvis in Hollywood2000
 The Alternate Aloha2000
 Jailhouse Rock2000
 Elvis '68 Comeback Special2000
 Elvis The Lost Performances2000
 Elvis on Tour2000
 Girls, Girls, Girls2000
 Harum Scarum2000
 It Happened At The World Fair2000
 It Happened at the World's Fair2000
 Kissin Cousins2000
 Kissin' Cousins2000
 Stay Away Joe2000
 The Trouble With Girls2000
 This Is Elvis2000
 Tickle Me2000
 Elvis The Complete Story2000
 Best of Elvis Presley2001
 Elvis: Remembering Elvis2001
 Elvis: That's the Way It Is2001
 Elvis King of Entertainment2001
 Rare Moments With the King2001
 He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Volume 1 and 22002
 Elvis Presley2002
 Elvis 20012002
 Early Elvis2002
 Remembering Elvis2002
 Elvis and June A Love Story2002
 Definitive Elvis Collection 25th Anniversary2002
 Rare Moments With the King/Elvis King2002
 Flaming Star2002
 Wild In The Country2002
 Elvis Presley The Great Perfomances Volume 32002
 Elvis Presley The Great Perfomances Volume 12002
 Elvis Presley The Great Performances Volume 22002
 Elvis Presley, Volume 62002
 Elvis '562002
 Elvis Presley Volume 12002
 Elvis Presley Volume 32002
 Elvis Presley Volume 52002
 Elvis Presley Volume 12002
 Elvis Presley Volume 52002
 Elvis Presley Volume 62002
 Elvis Presley Volume 72002
 Elvis Presley, Volume 22002
 Elvis Presley, Volume 32002
 Elvis Presley, Volume 42002
 Elvis Presley, Volume 82002
 Sun Days With Elvis / Elvis Presley's America2002
 Blue Hawaii2002
 Elvis Giftset2002
 Fun in Acapulco2002
 G.I. Blues2002
 King Creole2002
 Paradise, Hawaiian Style2002
 Elvis Presley: The Missing Years2003
 Hollywood Years: 1956-19692003
 Elvis: The Comeback/The Vegas Years2003
 Change Of Habit2003
 The Journey Elvis Presley2003
 New Gladiators : Golden Era Karate2004
 200 Cadillacs2004
 Follow That Dream2004
 Elvis A 50th Anniversary Celebration2004
 Elvis Aloha from Hawaii Deluxe Edition DVD2004
 Elvis The '68 Comeback Special Deluxe Edition DVD2004
 Elvis Birth of Rock N' Roll2004
 Elvis Presley: The Signature Collection2004
 Elvis The Ultimate Live Collection2005
 Elvis The Great Performances Volume 1 Center StageAugust 20, 2002


Compilation Albums

 Country and Western Classics 19551955
 E-Z of Pop Programming1955
 Country Super Sound-19561956
 Country and Western Classics 19561956
 Elvis Presley Perfect For Parties: Highlight Album1956
 Journey into Yesterday-19561956
 Old & Heavy Gold-19561956
 July 1956 Sampler1956
 March of Dimes Galaxy of Stars1956
 Country Super Sound-19571957
 Country and Western Classics 19571957
 Old & Heavy Gold-19571957
 Country Super Sound-19581958
 Country and Western Classics 19581958
 Janis Martin and Elvis Presley1958
 Old & Heavy Gold-19581958
 August 1958 Sampler1958
 October Christmas Sampler :19591959
 Christmas Programming From RCA: November 19591959
 Old & Heavy Gold-19601960
 October 1960 Popular Stereo Sampler1960
 Old & Heavy Gold-19611961
 October '61 Pop Sampler1961
 Old & Heavy Gold-19621962
 October '63 Pop Sampler1963
 December '63 Pop Sampler1963
 October '64 Pop Sampler1964
 April '65 Pop Sampler1965
 August '65 Pop Sampler1965
 April '66 Pop Sampler1966
 Special Christmas Programming1967
 Journey into Yesterday-19691969
 The Age of Rock1969
 Shelby Singelton Presents Songs for the Seventies1969
 Rock, Rock, Rock1972
 Current Audio Magazine1972
 In the Beginning1974
 The Brightest Stars of Christmas1974
 Country Music in the Modern Era1976
 Epic of the 70's1976
 Rock, Roll and Remember1977
 Social Security Presents Donna Fargo1977
 Special Palm Sunday Programming1977
 Earth News1977
 Sound of '771977
 On the Record - Events of 19771978
 The World in Sound-19771978
 All Time Christmas Favourites1978
 Music You Can't Forget1979
 Billboards 1979 Yearbook1979
 60 Years of Country Music1982
 Louisiana Hayride1983
 Radios 1,000,000 Performance Songs1984
 Rock & Roll the Early Years1985
 Louisiana Hayride Saturday Night1985
 The Time Life Treasury of Christmas1986
 I Dreamed I Was ElvisAvon Valentine Favourites1987

Soundtrack Albums

 Lilo and Stitch
 Ocean's Eleven2001
 Intolerable Cruelty2003

Box Sets

 A Chronology of American Music1972
 Platinum - A Life In Music1997
 Elvis Live In Las Vegas2001

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