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 Closing Time1973
 The Heart of Saturday Night1974
 Nighthawks at the Diner1975
 Small Change1976
 Foreign Affairs1977
 Blue Valentine1978
 Heartattack & Vine1980
 Bounced Checks1981
 One From the Heart [Soundtrack]1982
 Asylum Years1984?
 Rain Dogs1985
 Frank's Wild Years1987
 Big Time1988
 The Early Years1991
 Bryars: Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (1993)Bone Machine1992
 Night On Earth: Original Soundtrack Recording1992
 The Early Years, Vol. 21992
 The Black Rider [CAST RECORDING]1993
 Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years1998
 Mule Variations1999
 Used Songs2001
 Blood Money2002
 Mule Variations [Japan Bonus Tracks]2003
 One from the Heart [Bonus Tracks]2004
 Real Gone2004


 Blue Skies/New Coat of Paint
 Goin' Out West
 Goin' Out West [UK]
 Goin' Out West/A Little Rain/The Ocean Doesn't Want Me/Back in the Good Old World
 Going Out West
 Hang Down Your Head/Tango 'Till They're Sore [Germany]
 Heartattack & Vine [Elektra]
 Heartattack & Vine [Island]
 I Don't Wanna Grow Up
 NME'S Big Four - Downtown Train [Special]
 Ol' 55
 What Keeps Mankind Alive? [Germany]
 Who Are You?
 San Diego Serenade1974
 Step Right up (edit)/The Piano Has Been Drinking1976
 Jersey Girl (edit)/Heartattack and Vine Somewhere1978
 Somewhere/Red Shoes by the Drugstore1979
 In the Neighborhood/Frank's Wild Years1983
 Downtown Train/Tango 'Till They're Sore1985
 Downtown Train/Tango 'Till They're Sore [France]1985
 Downtown Train/Tango 'Till They're Sore/Jockey Full of Bourbon1985
 In the Neighborhood/Jockey Full of Bourbon/Tango 'Till They're Sore (live)/16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought-Six (live)1986
 In the Neighborhood/Singapore1986
 In the Neighborhood/Singapore/Tango 'Till They're Sore (live)/Rain Dogs (live)1986
 16 Shells/Black Mariah [live]1987
 16 Shells/Black Mariah/Ruby's Arms [live]1987
 Hang on St. Christopher/Hang on St. Christopher [Instrumental]1987
 Hold On1998
 Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Nightalt. version

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