MusicMoz FAQ

This document hopes to answer the questions we are commonly asked about the project. If you have a question that is not covered here or on the about page, please do not hesitate to contact our staff by using the feedback link at the top of the page.

Introductory Questions

So you're just a links directory then?

Most definitely not. Whilst we include links wherever relevant, we also include a wide variety of other content. In fact, if anything, we list links as an extra.

In band and artist categories we offer discographies, profiles, reviews, biographies, articles, and information about releases, concerts, tours, videos, online tracks, and compilations.

As the project grows we intend to include a variety of content throughout the directory, including information about instruments, composer profiles, and general articles.

What things can I do with search?

Please see our Search Help page.

Submitting Sites and Information

How can I submit a site for inclusion in the listings?

  1. Find the most appropriate category for your site, then choose 'submit item'.
  2. Choose the type 'URL', and submit the form.
  3. Fill in the form and submit it to complete the process.

For more information about submitting, and the guidelines for doing so, please see the page on 'Submitting an Item'.

How can I update my site's URL, title, or description?

  1. Go to the category where your site is listed. If you are unsure about which category your site is listed in, you can use the search feature to locate it.
  2. Choose 'submit item'.
  3. Choose the type 'Suggestion', and submit the form.
  4. Fill in the form, being sure to mention that you want your URL, title, or description updated, what the current URL and title are, and what the new URL, title or description is.
  5. Submit the form to complete the process.

How much does it cost to submit a site? Do I have to link back from my site?

Submitting to the Open Music Project is completely free of charge.

You are not required to link back to us from your site, but should you want to, you can find suggestions on the 'link' page.

How can I suggest a new band?

To add a band:

  1. Go to the appropriate letter for the band, e.g.
  2. Select 'submit item'.
  3. Choose the 'suggestion' type, and click Submit.
  4. Fill in the body field with as many details as you want; optionally fill in your e-mail address, and click submit.

Alternatively, if you'd like to become a volunteer editor and edit a category for the band instead of supplying us with the information and us listing it:

  1. Go to the appropriate letter for the band, e.g.
  2. Choose 'become an editor'.
  3. Fill in all the form's fields, mentioning both that you want to create a new category for the band and the name of the band, then submit it.

I've found a dead link, or a link that redirects to an inappropriate site; how can I report this?

If the link is dead, and the page stating this is plain, or otherwise harmless, please use the 'submit item' link on the category, and the 'Suggestion' type, to report the problem. If the category does not have such a link, please send feedback to the listed editor of the category, or a parent category.

For links that redirect to inappropriate pages, such as advertisements for pornography, or affiliate directories, please notify staff using the 'feedback' link at the top of the MusicMoz home page, so we can take swift action to remove the link.

MusicMoz and the Netscape Open Directory Project

What is the relation between this project and the Open Directory Project?

MusicMoz and many of its features were inspired by the Open Directory Project. MusicMoz also uses Open Directory Project data, which any site may do providing they display the correct attribution.

MusicMoz is not affiliated with Netscape, although many of our volunteer editors also edit at the Open Directory Project.

Category X appears to be just an old mirror of an Open Directory Project category. What's the point in that?

When the project was launched, all music related ODP content was imported. Until one of our editors edits a category, ODP links are all we are able to offer in that category. This is a short term issue; as the project grows so will the depth and breadth of content we are able to provide.

When do you update your data from the Open Directory Project?

At this time, we do not do automatic updates from the Open Directory Project. A feature is provided to editors allowing them to import new ODP data into a category, and to update to correspond to an ODP category, whenever they decide to.

Other Questions

Who are MusicMoz staff?

MusicMoz staff consists of crazybanjo, newwave, and rpfuller, three Open Directory Project meta/admin editors.

We don't get paid for our troubles, so it's more of an honorary title. :)

How can I help out with the project?

Interested in music? Interested in maintaining a category in the Open Music Project? It's simple to join:

  1. Find a category you would like to maintain.
  2. Choose "become an editor" at the top of the category page.
  3. Fill in the simple application form.

Note that some categories do not have a "become an editor" link; you should find a more specific category which interests you, and apply there. Once you have joined, and gained some experience, you can apply for more general categories. Editors are free to spend as little or as much time on the project as they wish to, there are no minimum requirements.

If you want to help, but don't have the time or inclination to become an editor, you can still help by submitting a website, review, or other information, which one of our editors will review for inclusion in the directory. Simply find the right category and choose the 'submit item' option at the top of the category page.

Can you supply band X's clothing, provide promotional air fresheners, or offer paid employment?

No. The feedback link sends feedback to our staff, not the owners of the sites listed in our categories. If you want to contact the owner of any of the sites we list, please see their website for contact information or a feedback form.

We only offer volunteer editing positions. There is no money involved, only the satisfaction and enjoyment of building a useful resource for the web public, and participating in an international community of editors.