Top 10s for July 2014

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  1. Yes
  2. Anastacia
  3. Earthsuit
  4. Nada Surf
  5. Bomfunk MC's
  6. Courtney Love
  7. Alex Acuna
  8. Clifford Brown
  9. Taha, Rachid
  10. Toyota Pipes and Drums


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  1. Yes
  2. Earthsuit
  3. Nada Surf
  4. Bomfunk MC's
  5. Toyota Pipes and Drums
  6. The Peechees
  7. Simon Apple
  8. Beangrowers
  9. The Laziest Men on Mars
  10. For Squirrels


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  1. Anastacia
  2. Courtney Love
  3. Alex Acuna
  4. Clifford Brown
  5. Taha, Rachid
  6. Michael Cuccione
  7. Williams, Cal
  8. Smyth, Patty
  9. Nat King Cole
  10. Seamus Kennedy


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  1. Merry Christmas To You (Reba McEntire)
  2. Gone (Dwight Yoakam)
  3. Everything Must Go (Manic Street Preachers)
  4. Tyr (Black Sabbath)
  5. Semantic Spaces (Delerium)
  6. Ring Of Changes (Barclay James Harvest)
  7. Sins EP (Vallejo)
  8. Happiest Place In Town, The (DoReMi)
  9. Benefit (Jethro Tull)
  10. Audio-Visions (Kansas)


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  1. Anywhere But Here (k.d. lang)
  2. There Goes My Everything You'll Never Walk Alone (Elvis Presley)
  3. Born Entertainer (Veruca Salt)
  4. Kevin Carter (Manic Street Preachers)
  5. Raised on Rock For Ol' Times Sake (Elvis Presley)
  6. Opal Mantra (Therapy?)
  7. Love It Back Together If That Isn't Love (Jimmy Ellis)
  8. What Is Life I'm A Small And Lonely Light (Olivia Newton-John)
  9. Hang on to Your Ego (Frank Black)
  10. Planet of Sound (Pixies)


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