MusicMoz Data Use License

  1. You may use, copy, and distribute Open Music Project data, providing you comply with this license agreement, and this license and an appropriate copyright notice is included with all copies. For distribution of copies on physical media you may charge only costs for media and shipping, you are not permitted to charge for the data itself. You may continue to use, copy, and distribute the data so long as you comply with this license agreement.
  2. If you make the content available on the World Wide Web (WWW), the Internet or an intranet, in any form, you must include the attribution statement on all pages using or derived from Open Music Project content, as explained by
  3. You may make modifications to the data, and create derivative works, providing you include a notice on the data clearly stating what modifications you have made, and you license any derivative work under the terms of this license. All derived works must include appropriate Open Music Project attribution as explained in clause 2.
  4. You are not required to accept this license, since you have not signed it, however nothing else grants you permission to copy, distribute, or modify the content made available.
  5. The data is supplied "as is". To the extent permitted by applicable law, no warranty is given, and no fitness for purpose is implied, since the content is made available free of charge.
  6. Unless required by applicable law, the Open Music Project, its hosts, and its editors shall not be liable to you for any damages incurred by you through use of, or inability to use, the content made available.

Revision 1, 24th Februrary 2003.

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