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Combining original songwriting, with enticing vocals, inventive guitars, keyboards, and oh so very occassionally, drums, bakes a truely mezmorizing rockstar. The multi-gifted Johnny Goudie was born in Miami, Florida.


Biography: Johnny Goudie

Miami born and raised! In the mid 1980s Johnny moved to Houston, Texas and started out in a funk-soul band called Panjandrum. That band broke up in 1990. At about the same time, Johnny was working as a solo artist, and was also in a band called Lovetree.
In 1994, and living in Austin, Texas, he joined the Rock band Mr. Rocketbaby. Then in the Summer of 1997, Johnny played in the alternate band Jez Spencer, along with fellow Goudie band mate Einar. After contributing to some tracks on an album, he departed to continue with his solo career. Soon after Einar joined him, and in 1998 the band Goudie was formed.

After five years of relentless touring with Goudie, and two critically acclaimed albums, the band Goudie parted ways.
With a loyal fan following, Johnny and his syrup-soaked vocals decided to gather up five years of unreleased material, and put out a CD called "18 unreleased home demos 1996-2001" - a mere entree for his loyal fans, in comparison with the full length studio album titled, "I Love Elke". The album was named after 1960s actress Elke Sommer, and was written and recorded during the Summer and Fall of 2002, in Johnny's home studio. Johnny Goudie plays all of the instruments himself with appearances by long-time friend Einar and Jonas Wilson, as well as God Drives a Galaxy's, John Constant.
The album was released on StrangeLove Records -- a label dedicated to artists making records on their own terms.
Johnny Goudie has colaborated with dozens of artists also including, Aimee Mann, Jeff Klein, Patty Griffin, and Darin Murphy, to name but a few.
Contributed by: Julie Martin (poppyseed)



 Mr. Rocket Baby - Make Believe1994
 Jez Spencer - 4 Track Mind (2 links)1997
 Goudie - Peep Show (3 links)2000
 Goudie - Effects of Madness (3 links)2001
 18 Unreleased Home Demos (1 review)2002
 I Love Elke (1 link)2003
 Boy in a Box2005


 Mr. Rocket Baby - Make Believe1994


Compilation Albums

 Homegroan, Volume 1 [Mr. Rocket Baby]1994
 Do Me Baby - Austin Does Prince1996

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