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After an introduction by Paul McCartney to John Lennon as a guitarist who could play the song "Raunchy", George Harrison would soon become lead guitarist for the most popular ensemble in pop music history, The Beatles.




 Wonderwall Music1968
 Electronic Sound1969
 All Things Must Pass1970
 The Concert For Bangla Desh1971
 Living In The Material World1973
 Dark Horse1974
 Extra Texture - Read All About It1975
 The Best Of George Harrison1976
 Thirty Three & 1/31976
 George Harrison1979
 Somewhere In England1981
 Gone Troppo1982
 Cloud Nine1987
 Traveling Wilburys Vol. 11988
 Best Of Dark Horse 1976 - 19891989
 Traveling Wilburys Vol. 31990
 George Harrison Live In Japan1992


 My Sweet Lord / Isn't It A Pity [version one]1970
 What Is Life / Apple Scruffs1971
 Bangla Desh / Deep Blue1971
 Give Me Love [Give Me Peace On Earth] / Miss O'Dell1973
 Dark Horse / I Don't Care Anymore1974
 Ding Dong; Ding Dong / Hari's On Tour [Express]1974
 This Guitar [Can't Keep From Crying] / Maya Love1975
 This Song / Learning How To Love You1976
 Crackerbox Palace / Learning How To Love You1977
 Dark Horse / You Capitol1977
 Blow Away / Soft-Hearted Hana1979
 Love Comes To Everyone / Soft Touch1979
 All Those Years Ago / Writing's On The Wall1981
 Teardrops / Save The World1981
 All Those Years Ago / Teardrops1981
 Wake Up My Love / Greece1982
 I Really Love You / Circles1983
 I Don't Want To Do It / Queen Of The Hop1985
 Got My Mind Set On You / Lay His Head1987
 When We Was Fab / Zig Zag1988
 This Is Love / Breath Away From Heaven1988
 Handle With Care / Margarita Wilbury1988
 End Of The Line / Congratulations1989
 Got My Mind Set On You / When We Was Fab1989
 Cheer Down / That's What It Takes1989
 Handle With Care / End Of The Line1990
 Wilbury Twist / New Blue Moon [instrumental]1991
 Free As a Bird [with The Beatles]1995
 My Sweet Lord / Give Me Love [Give Me Peace On Earth]1997
 My Sweet Lord / Let It Down [demo] / My Sweet Lord [2000]2002


 A Hard Days Night1964
 Magical Mystery Tour1967
 Yellow Submarine1968
 Let It Be1970
 Beatles Anthology1996


Soundtrack Albums

 Hard Day's Night1964
 Magical Mystery Tour1967
 Wonderwall Music1968
 Yellow Submarine1968
 Let It Be1970

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