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Perhaps the most visible and arguably the most influential entertainment entity of the 20th century, The Beatles started out as a local musical combo from Liverpool, England, who took American rock and roll music and sent it back to the states and to the rest of the world in a hip British package.




 My Bonnie [GER]1962
 Please Please Me1963
 With The Beatles1963
 Beatlemania! With The Beatles [CAN]1963
 Hear the Beatles Tell All1964
 Savage Young Beatles1964
 The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage1964
 The Beatles vs the Four Seasons1964
 A Hard Day's Night1964
 Introducing...The Beatles [US]1964
 Meet The Beatles [US]1964
 Ain't She Sweet [US]1964
 The Beatles' Story [US]1964
 Beatles For Sale1964
 Beatles '65 [US]1964
 The Beatles and Tony Sheridan and Their Guests [US]1964
 Twist And Shout [CAN]1964
 The Beatles' Second Album [US]1964
 The Beatles' Long Tall Sally [CAN]1964
 A Hard Day's Night [US]1964
 Something New [US]1964
 Rubber Soul1965
 Rubber Soul [US]1965
 The Early Beatles [US]1965
 Beatles VI [US]1965
 Help! [US]1965
 The Amazing Beatles & Other Great English Group Sounds1966
 Revolver [US]1966
 A Collection Of Beatles Oldies1966
 Yesterday And Today [US]1966
 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1967
 Magical Mystery Tour1967
 The Beatles' First1967
 The Beatles [The White Album]1968
 Yellow Submarine1969
 Very Together [CAN]1969
 Abbey Road1969
 Let It Be1970
 From Them To You1970
 The Beatles Christmas Album [US]1970
 Hey Jude [US]1970
 In The Beginning [Circa 1960] [US]1970
 Rock 'n' Roll Music1976
 Live At The Star Club In Hamburg Germany 19621977
 Love Songs1977
 The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl1977
 The Beatles Collection1978
 First Live Recordings1979
 The Beatles Ballads1980
 Rock 'n' Roll Music, Vol. 11980
 Rock 'n' Roll Music, Vol. 21980
 The Beatles Box1980
 Rarities [US]1980
 Complete Silver Beatles1982
 20 Greatest Hits1982
 Reel Music1982
 Early Tapes Of The Beatles1984
 Past Masters, Vols. 1 & 21988
 The Beatles Box Set1988
 Past Masters, Vol. 11988
 Past Masters, Vol. 21988
 Live At The BBC1994
 Beatles Tapes III: The 1964 World Tour1995
 In Their Own Words: The Lost Beatles Interviews1995
 Anthology: 11995
 Savage Young Beatles In Hamburg 19611996
 Anthology: 31996
 Anthology: 21996
 Beatles Tapes IV: Hong Kong 19641997
 'Quote' Unquote - The Sixties Interviews1998
 'Quote' Unquote - The Sixties Interviews Vol. 21998
 Yellow Submarine [Soundtrack]1999
 Beatles Tapes V: 1965 Help Tour2000
 Not A Second Time2000
 The Beatles 12000
 Things We Said Today2000
 Ultimate Rock Spoken Moments: Magical and Mystical Words2001
 Let It Be...Naked2003
 The Capitol Albums, Vol. 12004
 The Capitol Albums, Vol. 22006
 Mono Masters2009
 Past Masters [Remastered]2009
 The Beatles In Mono2009
 The Beatles Stereo Box Set2009
 On Air - Live At The BBC Volume 22013
 The U.S. Albums [US]2014
 The Japan Box [GER]2014
 The Christmas Records2017


 Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You1962
 Beatles Hits [EP]1963
 No. 1 [EP]1963
 Please Please Me / Ask Me Why1963
 She Loves You / I'll Get You1963
 Tony Sheridan With The Beatles [EP]1963
 Twist And Shout [EP]1963
 From Me To You / Thank You Girl1963
 A Hard Days Night / The Things We Said Today1964
 All My Loving [EP]1964
 And I Love Her / If I Fell1964
 Extracts From The Film A Hard Day's Night - Vol. 2 [EP]1964
 Extracts From The Film A Hard Day's Night [EP]1964
 Four By The Beatles [EP] [US]1964
 Long Tall Sally [EP]1964
 Souvenir Of Their Visit To America [EP] [US]1964
 Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That1964
 I'm Happy Just to Dance With You / I'll Cry Instead1964
 Matchbox / Slow Down1964
 I Feel Fine / She's A Woman1964
 I Want To Hold Your Hand / This Boy1964
 4 By The Beatles [EP]1965
 Beatles For Sale No. 2 [EP]1965
 Beatles For Sale [EP]1965
 The Beatles' Million Sellers [EP]1965
 Eight Days A Week / I Don't Want To Spoil The Party1965
 Daytripper / We Can Work It Out1965
 Paperback Writer / Rain1965
 Help! / I'm Down1965
 Yesterday / Act Naturally1965
 Ticket To Ride / Yes It Is1965
 Nowhere Man [EP]1966
 Yesterday [EP]1966
 Nowhere Man / What Goes On1966
 Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby1966
 All You Need is Love / Baby, You're A Rich Man1967
 Magical Mystery Tour [EP]1967
 Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever1967
 Hello Goodbye / I Am The Walrus1967
 Lady Madonna / The Inner Light1968
 Hey Jude / Revolution1968
 The Ballad of John and Yoko / Old Brown Shoe1969
 Something / Come Together1969
 Get Back / Don't Let Me Down1969
 Let It Be / You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)1970
 The Long and Winding Road / For You Blue1970
 Yesterday / I Should Have Known Better1976
 Back In The U.S.S.R / Twist and Shout1976
 Twist and Shout / Falling In Love Again1977
 Compact Disc Singles Collection1992
 Baby It's You [EP]1994
 Free As A Bird [EP]1995
 Real Love [EP]1996
 The Beatles CD Singles Collection1999


 Magical Mystery Tour1967
 Let It Be1970
 The Beatles Anthology1996
 Yellow Submarine1999
 A Hard Day's Night2002
 Fun With The Fab Four / The Beatles2002
 The Beatles Unauthorized2002
 The Beatles Love Me Do2003


Compilation Albums

 Historia Del Rock & Roll Vol. 11992
 Explosive Doo Wops Vol. 41999
 Swinging In The 60s Vol. 11999

Soundtrack Albums

 A Hard Day's Night1964
 Magical Mystery Tour1967
 Let It Be1970
 Yellow Submarine1999

Box Sets

 Mods Vs. Rockers1999
 Capitol Records 1942-20022002

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